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Toonimals celebrates the grand finale of their contest “Honeymoon, where Croco and Crockette, a pair of newlywed crocodiles will try to win the prize. With Ollie as contest presenter, and with the help of the “explosive hostess Hipita, our pair of stars will have to pass complicated rounds which will help us learn details about crocodiles like: Did you know that crocodiles’ ancestors go all the way back to prehistoric times? Is it true that they use brushes to clean their teeth? Why do they swallow rocks? Are they really related to the cow? Are they really the crybabies everybody believes? But just before they reach the grand prize an old flame of Crockette’s appears from her youth, a freeloading gavial who is determined not to leave the set without his old girlfriend. Join in the fun!
Ollie and Hee-Hee confront their most entertaining challenge: travel to the mansion in the savanna to unravel a mystery. Someone’s stolen the white rhinoceros’ horn and Ollie will have to find the culprit, while Hee-Hee looks for a way to get rid of Ollie once and for all and the dung beetle Dungo looks for, ahem … rhinoceros visitors passes. Finally, everybody’s looking for something. Only Christopher, the majordomo seems clear on who’s the culprit. But in the meantime, the rhinoceros tries to replace his horn with whatever he finds and an Indian rhinoceros will give Ollie the fright of his life. So, between fear and mystery we’ll learn more about this large pachyderm: What kind of relationship do rhinoceroses have with the oxpecker birds? What are their horns made out of? Do black rhinoceroses exist or is it just an invention of some tribe, and what about the Java rhinoceroses … why is it the rarest animal in the world?
Toonimals has been invited to a canine competition. Ollie is worried because he doesn’t have a dog to present when … out of the blue (literally) falls Muttsy, a flea-ridden dog abandoned by his owners. But Muttsy is fairly clumsy and nearsighted. So while Brawny tries to train him and ends up with his morale sunk to the ground, Polo will talk to us about the different breeds of dogs, Mama Kangaroo will deal with three naughty pups and Bearly will run away from a Shih-tzu that’s got him confused for a big bone. Which is the dog’s ancestor …? The wolf, the fox or the coyote? Where do the different breeds come from? Is it true that some dogs are used as gloves to keep hands warm? Share this fun adventure with Ollie and Muttsy and discover a lot of interesting things about man’s best friend.
A crazy documentary carries Ollie and his friends into the heat of Africa to film live the fiercest and strongest of all the felines: the lion. Or at least that’s what Ollie thinks until he meets Leo, a bum of a lion presumptuous enough to try to hide his baldness under the loudest of wigs. But the problems are just starting because the life of the king of the jungle is harder than it seems with Mrs. Leo, the very definition of fierce lioness and his son trying to dethrone him. And to top it off, Hee-Hee is determined to be the star no matter what it costs. An indignant penguin lost in the savanna, a marabou who doesn’t like it when you mess with his head, a sobbing hyena determined to find a boyfriend and a bad-tempered sun make this documentary an authentic trial by fire for our friends. If you want to find out about it press “play and action!
The star of this episode of Toonimals is very familiar to us: None other than Bearly, our cooking bear. All of the Toonimals will try to help so that Bearly can get a girlfriend in the just-arrived spring. Brawny tries to get Bearly in shape so that he’ll be more attractive for the female bears but his work won’t be too successful. Although bears are very strong and agile animals, Bearly is the exception to the rule. Ollie organizes a “casting to chose the lucky girl for Bearly while Polo covers the world delivering invitations to all the possible candidates: polar bears, Tibetan bears, bears with glasses, bears without … including even the bear-like marine fur seal. We’ll learn a lot about bears: Are polar bears right-handed or left-handed or maybe they get along just fine with both paws? Do they have good or bad vision? Is it true that they go crazy for honey? How do they manage, ahem, to go to the bathroom when they’re hibernating? If you want to meet the bear who will star
Toonimals is celebrating their grand gala. In this celebration, the most outstanding Toonimals will receive an award for being so special, brilliant and entertaining. Each one in his own style, has some record to his credit. All of the stars of “Toonimals will be there, “Zam, the orca in search of his identity; Mouse Muscles, the mouse mega-star who changed his physique just to be famous; Harry Trunk, the famous elephant detective with a sense of smell that’s as good as his memory is bad; Stripes, the horrible father pursued by his familial responsibilities … Everybody will come to the gala to find out what their awards are. If you think that the kangaroo is the animal that jumps the highest, that the elephant is the biggest mammal and that the horse is the fastest, well you need to see this episode without fail. The academic “fossils will be in charge of picking the winners … and Bearly, Brawny and Polo will be in charge of sticking their feet in it for sure, with Hee-Hee the most
Toonimals! starts in a television set. There, Ollie the owl, our most interactive and animated presenter, will present to us the movie star of the Toonimals world: Mouse Muscles, the domestic mouse. Through his acclaimed biography we’ll learn things about mice never before seen on television. Is there a life in the big city for a field mouse? Is there a real difference between the domestic mouse and the field mouse or is it just an invention of the naturalists? What’s more important in impressing your future mouse in-laws, your smell or your background? Is it true that they can have hundreds of babies in only two years? Do they or don’t they hate cheese? … These and many other mysteries will be revealed in the first episode of Toonimals!
Dungo, the dung beetle, will guide us on an entertaining journey through the world of the insect. In search of an elusive ball of dung, Dungo and Ollie will sneak into a well-organized ant colony … bringing chaos along with them! They’ll toast with the ants over jars of honey, they’ll meet a worker drone that gives them a whole lot of work, they’ll discover how many years a queen ant lives and they’ll be continually chased by some soldiers and their general Napoleon. But they’ll also meet many other insects: A squadron of wasps all set to sting away in the Toonimals world, some bees with a whole lot of rhythm, a presumptuous ladybug and a few bad-tempered lice. Who are the fasmidos insects? Is it true that ants milk fleas like man milks cows? Will Dungo manage to recover his ball?
Life in the jungles is very difficult for the Toonimals. At least for Chimp, the star of our episode. He’s a clever salesman who shows us a use for all the different tools the chimpanzees use in their daily lives. So as he goes from tree to tree trying to sell his wares we learn about the crazy jungle he lives in. Who are anthropoids and what do they have in common with man? What is a bonobo …? An isotonic chimpanzee drink or something more? We’ll discover who really commands among the chimpanzees, do babysitters exist in the tribes? Brawny and the gorillas will also have their moment of glory, explaining to us how evolutions works and if a silver back is a kind of dye or a Sunday suit. Their conquests, their diets, their dangers, in sum, the world of our hairy ancestors is set to be discovered by Ollie. And he’ll do it in true “Toonimals style, with shriiiiiieeeeeks of entertainment and tons of curiosity.
Labor disputes on Toonimals! Ollie’s petition for a salary increase has been countered with a flat-out no from the producer. The great star of animal television, is chucked out (and never better said) on the street . Another bird takes his place, but it’s a bird of a different feather: the celebrated Pampero parrot, the bird that best imitates the human voice. However, our dear Ollie doesn’t know the word surrender, such that throughout the episode, he’ll try to recover his spot at the expense of the parrot who is … a stutterer! We’ll enter into the tiny apartment complex of the gray-chested parakeet who build their community nests like human buildings. And, from a good distance, we’ll see the “ring that the New Zealand Kakapo builds for his fighting matches. Can you die of sadness when your partner disappears? Is agapornis a typical insult from New Zealand? An episode full of love, humor and demonstrations by Ollie trying to get his job back.
Batty, the bat, the star F.M. announcer is the protagonist of the darkest Toonimals! The night and all its inhabitants, among them our friend Ollie the owl, will finally come into the light. In addition to the bats, we’ll meet the mole laborer Underground, who doesn’t stop digging tunnels beneath the surface, and the crickets and frogs who liven up the fields at night. When the sun sets, the most horrible bats wake up: the vampires that only inhabit South America feed on the blood of cattle. From the great flying fox to the tiny hog-nose bat, we’ll meet all of Batty’s relatives. And discover why bats like the radio so much and that many of them feed on … blood?, Nooooo! All of the secrets of the night will come clear on Toonimals!
Autumn has arrived in the Toonimals forest. Hand-in-hand with our star in this episode, Woody, a timid, little peace-loving deer opposed to stag fights, we’ll learn about the customs of these handsome animals. Woody wants to become the king of the forest and find his mate, however, his small size, almost complete lack of horns and a secret he hides beneath his personality, makes things a little more difficult than they seem to be at the start. Our presenter, turned into an actual forest fairy godmother, will successively transform Woody into different species of deer until he learns that he can’t change his external appearance in order to be happy. We’ll find out about the bad temper the female fallow deer have; why the males hide in the deepest part of the forest after mating; what the size of their antlers means; what tactics they use to attract females … And as the laughter, tom foolery, pranks and little disasters roll right along, Walter and Jack, two grumpy old deer and an aut
In this episode, Ollie will turn into a kooky psychiatrist to help Lupo, a hysterical wolf who always goes along hiding in the most incredible places, be it behind a flowerpot or hanging from a lamp. Why does Lupo hide? Where does this fear of humans come from? To find out, Doctor Ollie will delve into a loony and entertaining consultation with him which will reveal for example how wolves communicate and why they take a siesta after eating. Moreover, Mama Kangaroo will talk to us about the life of the wolf cub; that hunk Brawny will be left with his tongue hanging out after challenging Lupo to a race; with Polo we’ll find out about the different breeds of wolves on the fly; and Bearly … Bearly will stick his paw in it as always and will have to confront a really angry hen. Finally, Ollie will come up with the solution to Lupo’s problem and he’ll understand that everybody, whatever their race or breed, has to always walk with their head held high … and their eyes wide open.
Ollie and company have been invited to the inauguration of Otter Park, an amusement park where our friends will meet Mr. Game, a prankster of an otter. But careful, because in this surprising park, anything can happen: sliding down dangerous water slides, escaping a fat and stinky skunk and even being charred by a sparky eel. Are otters intelligent animals? What do they use their whiskers for? Why do they slow down the beating of their hearts? … these are things we’ll discover as we submerge in this wacky aquatic episode. Adventures and crazy situations that will introduce us to the entertaining world of the otters. It’ll end up being an explosive trip!
In this episode, Toonimals renders homage to all those who are no longer with us. An informal and kooky newsshow will introduce us to many animals who have disappeared and others that are just about to. Ollie and company, as wacky reporters, travel around the world telling us about one problem that affects all the animals and that humans have a lot of say in. We will travel to the past to meet the migratory pigeon of the United States; we’ll meet the blue whale, the biggest animal is the world … we’ll hear the complaints of a friendly and offended Panda Bear … and we’ll meet a frightened Aye-Aye and his incredible third finger. We’ll also try to find a mate for one of the last nebulous panthers. Man is the principal menace to all these animals. More than an episode, this is an authentic S.O.S. from our Toonimals!
This time Ollie’s going to make programming heights, or better yet, from high up since that’s where most of the episode’s going to happen – the preferred medium of the stars of this episode. A golden eagle’s been lost, meanwhile Ollie, from the center of the world of Toonimals, interviews the tiny Big Boss. To find the lost bird they’ll use their secret weapon: Thunder, a magnificent golden eagle prepared to charge into any dangerous situation, … any? … What’s more, the female eagle they’re looking for has left a gift which will fall on the head of the big boss himself and jeopardize the very tranquility of all Toonimals. Why do they need nests of up to two meters in diameter? Why do the babies do warm up exercises from the nest? Did you know that the merest shadow of an eagle is enough to make their prey take off running? Do you have an idea of the speeds the eagles can reach in a dive? Have you ever heard about the female eagles bad tempers? Flying through the entertaining and
Every circus has its seal and the Toonimals circus has Snout, a seal with a big nose, and a huge complex. Hand-in-hand with Ollie, we’ll travel from the warm Mediterranean Sea to the frigid Arctic to meet all of our star’s relatives. There, Snout will be able to develop his great nose and his great personality as he changes into a true seal king. Are seals really as gluttonous as they say? Why does the helmet seal puff up its nose? Is the Bengal tiger a relative of the leopard seal? Why are there so few monk seals? How are seals similar to bats? Furthermore, we’ll let you know about the composition of their entertaining diet and how they manage it. Hunka and Punka, like the humans(?) They are, will try to hunt the newborn seals. But all their best efforts will end up in laments and hard knocks. On our return to the circus, Snout will have to show what he’s learned in a final test. And to finish up, two old friends will comment on everything that happens throughout the episode.
Life at the aquarium is too easy and too boring for Sam the orca. And when Ollie confirms that he’s not a “killer whale but rather, a large dolphin … he decides to return to the sea. But returning to his roots isn’t that easy. His return will be as entertaining as it will be eventful and he’ll turn the ocean upside down. As he tries to adapt himself to his new life, Sam will discover a lot of things about himself. Next to his colleagues the dolphins he’ll learn things like: How many classes of dolphins are there …? How do dolphins drink water? What do they have in common with man? That cetacean isn’t a dirty word .. and above all: do orcas eat men or don’t they? After checking out all that, we’ll find ourselves at Sam’s final examination. To pass, he’ll have to use his best weapons. But whatever may happen, we’ll give him an excellent for entertainment, an outstanding for his smile and a graduated with honors for his laugh. Because Sam is an orca as brilliant as he is “zingul
In this episode of Toonimals, the beautiful cobra Kim injects Ollie with the most dangerous of venoms: love. Our lovesick owl helps us distinguish poisonous snakes from those that are not, he’ll explain to us that the cobra’s hood is in reality … the new scream in hats for reptiles …? Ollie will conduct the most dangerous experiment in the history of Toonimals! He’ll demonstrate the effects of a bite from a rattler snake … on his own hide. Another curiosity about poisonous snakes: why do so many spit at their prey? To clean them up before eating them or because they trying to ignore them? But not all snakes are poisonous, as the affectionate anaconda so demonstrates with his eleven meters and his five hundred kilos, trying to “hug everybody. As Brawny shows us the cobra’s attack positions, using a belt and some serum that counteracts their poison, Ollie attempts the impossible: finding an antidote for love.
Armed with valor, Ollie will encounter the devourer of men, the tiger. That’s how he’ll meet Stripes, a good tiger-father and spouse. Or at least that what he says. In reality, Stripes, like all tigers, will demonstrate that he’s no such thing. Quite the opposite, just on hearing the scream “Papa the striped feline will always put his feet to the dust. All throughout the episode, Ollie will meet the three entertaining and quite crazy tigresses, who share the territory with Stripes. And of course we’ll see all about the father-son relationship. How do they all live? Do they fight a lot? Which tigers have the most stripes? And what is their relationship with man? Is it true that tigers fade with time and in water …? And the big question: do they like men as much as they say? Crouched down in the forest, ready to pounce, or bending over in laughter, we promise a half hour of paw swipes, roars and entertainment where we’ll get to know the tiger and appreciate him as he is.
In this episode, Ollie and his friends find themselves up to their necks in water trying to interview one Jean Paul Salmondo, an out-of-the-norm salmon committed to going against everything … it’s just that going against the current is his thing. Right alongside Salmondo, they’ll make a crazy journey that will take them from the sea to the river where he was born. Along the way our friends will find out about the different kinds of fish from their types of skeletons, they’ll hide with the rock fish and they’ll watch along with a hungry lamprey ready to gobble up whoever crosses his path. What are batipelagicic fish? What is the largest fish in the world? Why are salmon’s scales studied? What do they use their sense of smell for? Discover the answers to these questions and much more diving down with our friend in this wacky journey against the current.
Our stars embark on a journey through the desert accompanied by Domi, a thirsty dromedary without a hump, heading for the hump distribution center to get his own. Camilo, a camel determined to be the star of the episode, accompanies them on the trip, along with a penguin who is delighted to appear in the beastliest series on television, plus many other personalities suffering along on this arid adventure, not to mention the frequent budget cuts. What’s the difference between camels and dromedaries? What do they hide in their humps? Is it true what they say about their bad tempers? Who are the “ships of the desert? The answers to these questions, plus many others, in this episode of “Toonimals! And be careful with the mirages … you don’t want to get confused!
Harry Trunk, the most animal and savage detective in all “Toonimals, gets an assignment. Ollie contracts him to find out who’s making the elephants disappear. It’s not an easy task, although Harry Trunk never forget a face. Or at least that’s what he thinks … During the search he’ll turn into a heavyweight boxer, walk next to the commanding Elephantia and cover half the world just to meet his relative, the Indian elephant. His adventures side-by-side with Ollie will introduce us to things like … how much water does an elephant need daily? Is it true that elephants are the animals that take the longest to have a baby? Do they use their ears as fans or is it just that they’re raffled out when they’re little? Solve this tangle, along with Harry Trunk and Ollie! Harry will thank you, to be sure! Because he … never forgets a face!
Toonimals jumps to the Australian continent to introduce us to Boing, a peace-loving kangaroo in love with the frolicking Vera. Boing will suddenly get involved in an uneven boxing match against Maxi, the biggest marsupial in town. Ollie, turned into a personal manager, solicits aid from his friends in transforming the frightened Boing into a warlike pugilist. But there’s nothing easy about it, due to two other animals native to the Australian continent: A pain-in-the neck duck-billed platypus and a Tasmanian devil determined to put on a show. Between tough trainings and crazy adventures, we’ll discover what the kangaroos pouches are used for, who are the monotremas animals and what is the highest a kangaroo can jump. Don’t miss this adventure where Boing will need more than a stroke of luck. Will he manage to win the fight against Maxi and so win Vera’s love?
The spots light up the set: Ollie presents; Polo directs; the Toonils film; Mama Kangaroo takes care of the little ones and Hee-Hee controls, well “out-of-controls the sound. We’re at the filming of “The cat! We’ll discover live and direct how they make “Toonimals! Angelo and Felix, the contracted actors, will put their all into their parts … so much so that the recording is a disaster! It’s just that the alley cats and the domestics cats are so different. Or aren’t they …? We’ll find that out between falls, crashes and meows. And what’s more, we’ll find out things like … How many kittens can a cat have …? How much time do cats spend sleeping? What is the heights syndrome …? Twenty-five minutes of entertainment guaranteed, in a brilliant demonstration of how not to make a show … just to be serious. Not recommended for boring people!

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