Life in the jungles is very difficult for the Toonimals. At least for Chimp, the star of our episode. He’s a clever salesman who shows us a use for all the different tools the chimpanzees use in their daily lives. So as he goes from tree to tree trying to sell his wares we learn about the crazy jungle he lives in. Who are anthropoids and what do they have in common with man? What is a bonobo …? An isotonic chimpanzee drink or something more? We’ll discover who really commands among the chimpanzees, do babysitters exist in the tribes? Brawny and the gorillas will also have their moment of glory, explaining to us how evolutions works and if a silver back is a kind of dye or a Sunday suit. Their conquests, their diets, their dangers, in sum, the world of our hairy ancestors is set to be discovered by Ollie. And he’ll do it in true “Toonimals style, with shriiiiiieeeeeks of entertainment and tons of curiosity.