Dungo, the dung beetle, will guide us on an entertaining journey through the world of the insect. In search of an elusive ball of dung, Dungo and Ollie will sneak into a well-organized ant colony … bringing chaos along with them! They’ll toast with the ants over jars of honey, they’ll meet a worker drone that gives them a whole lot of work, they’ll discover how many years a queen ant lives and they’ll be continually chased by some soldiers and their general Napoleon. But they’ll also meet many other insects: A squadron of wasps all set to sting away in the Toonimals world, some bees with a whole lot of rhythm, a presumptuous ladybug and a few bad-tempered lice. Who are the fasmidos insects? Is it true that ants milk fleas like man milks cows? Will Dungo manage to recover his ball?