Labor disputes on Toonimals! Ollie’s petition for a salary increase has been countered with a flat-out no from the producer. The great star of animal television, is chucked out (and never better said) on the street . Another bird takes his place, but it’s a bird of a different feather: the celebrated Pampero parrot, the bird that best imitates the human voice. However, our dear Ollie doesn’t know the word surrender, such that throughout the episode, he’ll try to recover his spot at the expense of the parrot who is … a stutterer! We’ll enter into the tiny apartment complex of the gray-chested parakeet who build their community nests like human buildings. And, from a good distance, we’ll see the “ring that the New Zealand Kakapo builds for his fighting matches. Can you die of sadness when your partner disappears? Is agapornis a typical insult from New Zealand? An episode full of love, humor and demonstrations by Ollie trying to get his job back.