In this episode, Toonimals renders homage to all those who are no longer with us. An informal and kooky newsshow will introduce us to many animals who have disappeared and others that are just about to. Ollie and company, as wacky reporters, travel around the world telling us about one problem that affects all the animals and that humans have a lot of say in. We will travel to the past to meet the migratory pigeon of the United States; we’ll meet the blue whale, the biggest animal is the world … we’ll hear the complaints of a friendly and offended Panda Bear … and we’ll meet a frightened Aye-Aye and his incredible third finger. We’ll also try to find a mate for one of the last nebulous panthers. Man is the principal menace to all these animals. More than an episode, this is an authentic S.O.S. from our Toonimals!