This time Ollie’s going to make programming heights, or better yet, from high up since that’s where most of the episode’s going to happen – the preferred medium of the stars of this episode. A golden eagle’s been lost, meanwhile Ollie, from the center of the world of Toonimals, interviews the tiny Big Boss. To find the lost bird they’ll use their secret weapon: Thunder, a magnificent golden eagle prepared to charge into any dangerous situation, … any? … What’s more, the female eagle they’re looking for has left a gift which will fall on the head of the big boss himself and jeopardize the very tranquility of all Toonimals. Why do they need nests of up to two meters in diameter? Why do the babies do warm up exercises from the nest? Did you know that the merest shadow of an eagle is enough to make their prey take off running? Do you have an idea of the speeds the eagles can reach in a dive? Have you ever heard about the female eagles bad tempers? Flying through the entertaining and