A crazy documentary carries Ollie and his friends into the heat of Africa to film live the fiercest and strongest of all the felines: the lion. Or at least that’s what Ollie thinks until he meets Leo, a bum of a lion presumptuous enough to try to hide his baldness under the loudest of wigs. But the problems are just starting because the life of the king of the jungle is harder than it seems with Mrs. Leo, the very definition of fierce lioness and his son trying to dethrone him. And to top it off, Hee-Hee is determined to be the star no matter what it costs. An indignant penguin lost in the savanna, a marabou who doesn’t like it when you mess with his head, a sobbing hyena determined to find a boyfriend and a bad-tempered sun make this documentary an authentic trial by fire for our friends. If you want to find out about it press “play and action!