Toonimals has been invited to a canine competition. Ollie is worried because he doesn’t have a dog to present when … out of the blue (literally) falls Muttsy, a flea-ridden dog abandoned by his owners. But Muttsy is fairly clumsy and nearsighted. So while Brawny tries to train him and ends up with his morale sunk to the ground, Polo will talk to us about the different breeds of dogs, Mama Kangaroo will deal with three naughty pups and Bearly will run away from a Shih-tzu that’s got him confused for a big bone. Which is the dog’s ancestor …? The wolf, the fox or the coyote? Where do the different breeds come from? Is it true that some dogs are used as gloves to keep hands warm? Share this fun adventure with Ollie and Muttsy and discover a lot of interesting things about man’s best friend.