Ollie and Hee-Hee confront their most entertaining challenge: travel to the mansion in the savanna to unravel a mystery. Someone’s stolen the white rhinoceros’ horn and Ollie will have to find the culprit, while Hee-Hee looks for a way to get rid of Ollie once and for all and the dung beetle Dungo looks for, ahem … rhinoceros visitors passes. Finally, everybody’s looking for something. Only Christopher, the majordomo seems clear on who’s the culprit. But in the meantime, the rhinoceros tries to replace his horn with whatever he finds and an Indian rhinoceros will give Ollie the fright of his life. So, between fear and mystery we’ll learn more about this large pachyderm: What kind of relationship do rhinoceroses have with the oxpecker birds? What are their horns made out of? Do black rhinoceroses exist or is it just an invention of some tribe, and what about the Java rhinoceroses … why is it the rarest animal in the world?