Life at the aquarium is too easy and too boring for Sam the orca. And when Ollie confirms that he’s not a “killer whale but rather, a large dolphin … he decides to return to the sea. But returning to his roots isn’t that easy. His return will be as entertaining as it will be eventful and he’ll turn the ocean upside down. As he tries to adapt himself to his new life, Sam will discover a lot of things about himself. Next to his colleagues the dolphins he’ll learn things like: How many classes of dolphins are there …? How do dolphins drink water? What do they have in common with man? That cetacean isn’t a dirty word .. and above all: do orcas eat men or don’t they? After checking out all that, we’ll find ourselves at Sam’s final examination. To pass, he’ll have to use his best weapons. But whatever may happen, we’ll give him an excellent for entertainment, an outstanding for his smile and a graduated with honors for his laugh. Because Sam is an orca as brilliant as he is “zingul