In this episode of Toonimals, the beautiful cobra Kim injects Ollie with the most dangerous of venoms: love. Our lovesick owl helps us distinguish poisonous snakes from those that are not, he’ll explain to us that the cobra’s hood is in reality … the new scream in hats for reptiles …? Ollie will conduct the most dangerous experiment in the history of Toonimals! He’ll demonstrate the effects of a bite from a rattler snake … on his own hide. Another curiosity about poisonous snakes: why do so many spit at their prey? To clean them up before eating them or because they trying to ignore them? But not all snakes are poisonous, as the affectionate anaconda so demonstrates with his eleven meters and his five hundred kilos, trying to “hug everybody. As Brawny shows us the cobra’s attack positions, using a belt and some serum that counteracts their poison, Ollie attempts the impossible: finding an antidote for love.