In this episode, Ollie will turn into a kooky psychiatrist to help Lupo, a hysterical wolf who always goes along hiding in the most incredible places, be it behind a flowerpot or hanging from a lamp. Why does Lupo hide? Where does this fear of humans come from? To find out, Doctor Ollie will delve into a loony and entertaining consultation with him which will reveal for example how wolves communicate and why they take a siesta after eating. Moreover, Mama Kangaroo will talk to us about the life of the wolf cub; that hunk Brawny will be left with his tongue hanging out after challenging Lupo to a race; with Polo we’ll find out about the different breeds of wolves on the fly; and Bearly … Bearly will stick his paw in it as always and will have to confront a really angry hen. Finally, Ollie will come up with the solution to Lupo’s problem and he’ll understand that everybody, whatever their race or breed, has to always walk with their head held high … and their eyes wide open.