Autumn has arrived in the Toonimals forest. Hand-in-hand with our star in this episode, Woody, a timid, little peace-loving deer opposed to stag fights, we’ll learn about the customs of these handsome animals. Woody wants to become the king of the forest and find his mate, however, his small size, almost complete lack of horns and a secret he hides beneath his personality, makes things a little more difficult than they seem to be at the start. Our presenter, turned into an actual forest fairy godmother, will successively transform Woody into different species of deer until he learns that he can’t change his external appearance in order to be happy. We’ll find out about the bad temper the female fallow deer have; why the males hide in the deepest part of the forest after mating; what the size of their antlers means; what tactics they use to attract females … And as the laughter, tom foolery, pranks and little disasters roll right along, Walter and Jack, two grumpy old deer and an aut