Harry Trunk, the most animal and savage detective in all “Toonimals, gets an assignment. Ollie contracts him to find out who’s making the elephants disappear. It’s not an easy task, although Harry Trunk never forget a face. Or at least that’s what he thinks … During the search he’ll turn into a heavyweight boxer, walk next to the commanding Elephantia and cover half the world just to meet his relative, the Indian elephant. His adventures side-by-side with Ollie will introduce us to things like … how much water does an elephant need daily? Is it true that elephants are the animals that take the longest to have a baby? Do they use their ears as fans or is it just that they’re raffled out when they’re little? Solve this tangle, along with Harry Trunk and Ollie! Harry will thank you, to be sure! Because he … never forgets a face!