Toonimals jumps to the Australian continent to introduce us to Boing, a peace-loving kangaroo in love with the frolicking Vera. Boing will suddenly get involved in an uneven boxing match against Maxi, the biggest marsupial in town. Ollie, turned into a personal manager, solicits aid from his friends in transforming the frightened Boing into a warlike pugilist. But there’s nothing easy about it, due to two other animals native to the Australian continent: A pain-in-the neck duck-billed platypus and a Tasmanian devil determined to put on a show. Between tough trainings and crazy adventures, we’ll discover what the kangaroos pouches are used for, who are the monotremas animals and what is the highest a kangaroo can jump. Don’t miss this adventure where Boing will need more than a stroke of luck. Will he manage to win the fight against Maxi and so win Vera’s love?