Angus & Cheryl

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Angus had to get up early because he had to run an errand - but he is still fast asleep. Cheryl will do anything to wake him up.
There’s nothing like the countryside for chilling out and relaxing. The problem is children will always try and compete with one another, wherever they are….
When Angus and Buddy see Amanda parading around in her new outfit, they seem to forget they’re with Cheryl and Francine and want to give her their hearts…..and something else as well.
Cheryl is trying to sunbathe in the park. However this is not as easy as it looks because Angus and Buddie are playing football right next to her. Will she end up joining in the game?
Angus is spending a relaxing afternoon watching television and playing on the video console – but the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Why isn’t Cheryl there to answer it?
It’s Saturday night. Angus is all dressed up and ready to go to a party but he’s still got to wait for Cheryl to decide on the perfect dress, bag, hat and shoes…
When Angus goes to the shopping centre, he doesn’t expect to be Cheryl’s lackey and have to carry all her shopping. What about going to a restaurant or having a go on a video game?
Cheryl is thrilled when she hears that she has won a prize with a gift voucher. Whilst she dreams of what she’ll do with all that money, Angus starts sniffing around…
Angus has got a brand new pair of sports shoes. Cheryl’s fed up of him refusing to go running or doing his best not to get them dirty, so she plots her revenge.
Angus and Cheryl are looking after Nina so they can earn some extra pocket money, but they have no idea how difficult it is to discipline such a hyperactive, naughty child.
Angus and Cheryl are packing a bag as they’re about to go on an excursion. He packs tools and other useful implements whilst she keeps on putting in cosmetics and a variety of pink accessories…
Angus and friends are enjoying looking at photos of girls on the internet. Cheryl is furious and decides to tell her teacher about it.
Angus doesn’t feel well and just wants to be cosseted. When Cheryl realises it’s a set-up, she plans her revenge.
Angus and Cheryl attend an audition for a musical and have to face a terrifying jury. Cheryl meekly plays the piano, whilst Angus shows off playing the violin. Let the musical battle of the sexes commence!
Charles takes Cheryl out for a candle-lit dinner and Cheryl decides to stand Angus up in the hamburger bar…In the end, it turns out that neither Charles nor Cheryl feel particularly romantic…
The battle of sexes even comes into kite-flying. As usual, the girls make good use of their female guile and combat the boys’ brute force.
Angus and Cheryl decide to go on a trip in a hot air balloon. Then all of a sudden, things go out of control and he wants to prove that he is in charge…more or less in charge…..
Angus is doing a magic trick in school. The audience claps enthusiastically. Cheryl volunteers for the last trick. Who will make who disappear?
The girls are enjoying sketching and colouring things in, and Angus is enjoying spoiling their drawings. Crayons, brushes and finger painting come into play and the situation ends up verging on the ridiculous.
Cheryl doesn’t understand how Angus can waste time trying to beat the world domino record. She has a couple of tricks up her sleeve and is going to try and outdo him.
Why do boys like pulling faces and playing the fool as if they were super heroes? Cheryl just wants to spend some time reading whilst Angus wants to pretend he can fly.
The pupils aren’t very good at calculus. The teacher keeps trying to explaining it to them but then he wonders if it’s not his fault they don’t understand.
Yet again Angus has made fun of Cheryl, so Cheryl concentrates all her energy on turning Angus’s dreams into his worst nightmare.
The final exam. The questions seem to be getting harder and Angus begs Cheryl to help him with some of the questions - otherwise he won’t pass the exam.
While Angus is hanging the washing out, the door slams shut and he realises he is stuck on the roof. The problem is Cheryl is watching her favourite soap on the television, so how on earth will he manage to attract her attention?

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