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Romualdo is asleep in the Forest of Oread when he awakens with a start from a nightmare in which he was fighting several Drakes, until a mysterious Knight, dressed in red, came on scene and helped him defeat the Drakes. Romualdo is surprised to see in the knight the eyes of the girl he met in the forest and whom he cannot forget. Before the young king can approach the Knight, the White Fairy appears to him in his dream telling him to search for those eyes.Romualdo proposes to the king of Tuan that a combat be held between the best warrior of that kingdom and himself. The winner will determine who wins the conflict between the two kingdoms and thus end the war forever.King Hadrian accepts the challenge made by King Romualdo and convenes a tournament in which the best warriors of the kingdom will participate and where the representative of Tuan will be selected.When Fantaghiro hears the news, she tries to earn a position in the tournament. Almost immediately her father forbids her to do
Fantaghiro is training to participate in a duel to the death with Romualdo, unaware that the King of Tuan is the young man with whom she is in love.The Black Witch, fearing that Fantaghiro and Romualdo will discover their true personalities and that love will join them together forever, makes a plan for them to never meet each other. A spell made by the Black Witch transforms Carrion into a double of Fantaghiro who then lures Romualdo to the Bottomless Swamp. Our heroine will be devoured by the Shadow Soldiers, malefic creatures whose deformed bodies are “made” of black smoke and are invincible when they move through the night shadows.A diviner crow, following the orders of the White Fairy, wins Romualdo’s friendship and warns him of the danger waiting for him when, in the duel, he faces the Scarlet Knight whose identity is unknown. But Romualdo presses on with his plan. His honor forces him to fight.The following day, Fantaghiro–armed as the Scarlet Knight–and Romualdo reach the magic
A poacher is tracking a young doe and her fawn in the Forest of Oread. When he’s about to catch her, the opportune appearance of King Hadrian and Herbert frustrates his plans. King Hadrian and Herbert cause the poacher to run away, oblivious that they themselves are the prey of other dangerous hunters: Drakonian and his Drakes.In the Palace of Tuan, unaware of the drama taking place in the Forest of Oread, Fantaghiro takes the solemn oath never to take up arms again, an oath that is blessed by a spell made by the White Fairy. This act is accompanied by the wedding announcements of Caroline and Cataldo and of Catherine and Ivaldo. The happy occasion is interrupted, however, with the arrival of Herbert who announces that King Hadrian has been captured by the Drakes.In spite of the protests of the brave princess, Romualdo, accompanied by Cataldo and Ivaldo, leaves without Fantaghiro to rescue the king. The poacher who faced King Hadrian, driven by hatred and rancor, has made an agreement
Just as her destiny written in the stars reads, the princess of Tuan will once again enter the Black Witch’s castle to rescue the Kuorum. Romualdo, king of Dana and Fantaghiro’s fianc?, will follow her inside the castle. Before he finds her, however, he must face the evil Hydra on the castle drawbridge.Meanwhile, Fantaghiro will find the Plant of Desires, who will become her faithful companion in her adventures and a key figure when it comes to solving problems, thanks to her magical powers.Thus, the Princess of Tuan will have to deal with the power of the Black Witch, with the fearsome Shadow Warriors, with the playful and devilish cockies–especially the fearsome Megacockie that will chase her throughout the castle’s hallways.When the princess finally reaches the place where the Kuorum is located, the Black Witch still has an ace up her sleeve. Romualdo has fallen under one of the Black Witch’s spells and sets out to kill Fantaghiro once and for all. But thanks to the strength of the
Princess Fantaghiro and king Romualdo are traveling to the kingdom of Torelia where the inhabitants will give them a splendid feast in gratitude for having brought peace. On their journey, Fantaghiro and Romualdo stop and camp for the night beside the deep Battle-ax Gorge, unaware of the perfidious plans that the fearsome Darken and his faithful servant, the evil Black Witch, are preparing against them.At daybreak, Fantaghiro is drawn by the sound of a neigh and enters the gorge to soon come upon a beautiful unicorn and her offspring. What the princess doesn’t suspect is that these two fantastic creatures are the bait in a trap into which she has just fallen and that Drakonian, the Black Witch’s servant, is about to cause a rock avalanche to fall down on them.Fantaghiro manages to save the young unicorn but its mother is buried beneath the huge mass of rocks. The princess is also caught by the avalanche that pins one of her legs down. Alerted by the sound of the avalanche, Romualdo tr
In the tenebrous circle of menhirs, in the Cursed Valley, cruel Xelexia invokes Darken, the supreme lord of Evil. The stars Thyatiris, Sarou, Vesmir and Heidel announce a prophecy: the destruction of the powerful wizard Tarabas, son of Xelexia, is near at hand and will seek Fantaghiro’s hand.In the underworld of the Cursed Valley, Xelexia brings her stone warriors to life and commands them to kill Fantaghiro. But Tarabas wants Fantaghiro alive because he is curious to know how a weak mortal can destroy him. Fantaghiro and Romualdo destroy the warriors with water. At the last moment, one warrior drags Romualdo to the river, transforming the river and the fish in it into stone statues.The elves rescue Romualdo’s body. He can only be saved by a kiss given to the one inflicting such a tragedy: Tarabas. Shattered with pain, Fantaghiro makes a challenge: to force the wizard to pay for the evil he has caused and to bring Romualdo back to life.Fantaghiro goes to the Cursed Valley. Before enter
While Fantaghiro enjoys watching the clouds one clear day in the Forest of Oread with her inseparable mascots, and while Romualdo, Ivaldo and Cataldo participate in an archery championship in the kingdom of Dana, the Black Witch wakes up the terrible Black Cloud and hurls it towards Tuan to destroy the kingdom completely.The Black Cloud crosses the forest destroying everything in its path. To the amazement of Princess Fantaghiro, it finally swallows the fortress of Tuan, making it disappear completely.Riding on the back of the Holy Beast, and accompanied by Mother Goose, our heroine tries to prevent the Black Cloud from reaching Dana, directing it towards the Mountains of the Eternal Eclipse, the only place where it can be defeated.Meanwhile, concerned about the fate of Fantaghiro and the other inhabitants of Tuan, Romualdo, Cataldo and Ivaldo try to reach this kingdom. But the Black Cloud has sown chaos and destruction all around, blocking their way. A little Bug shows them that the
One stormy night, a mysterious bird with huge wings and gleaming greenish eyes crashes against the battlement of the fortress of Tuan, threatening to demolish it onto the rest of the castle. Romualdo and his companions manage to lower it to the ground. It turns out to be a strange balloon sent by the Black Witch to destroy Fantaghiro. Once Romualdo, King Hadrian and Princess Fantaghiro are in the basket, Carrion cuts loose the ropes that restrain the flying artifact. The opportune intervention of Golden Mane enables our heroine to get out of the balloon before it rises. However, King Hadrian, Romualdo and accidentally Mother Goose, travel through the air toward an unknown destination.Riding Golden Mane, Fantaghiro follows the balloon on the ground all the way to the sea where she loses sight of it. The White Fairy encourages her to go after it. The stars will guide her. The princess boards a mysterious ship manned by a no less mysterious crew and sets out to sea. Once under sail, Fanta
A big celebration is being held at the Castle of Tuan when General Orymos arrives and asks his King Romualdo to return to Dana as soon as possible. The people have not yet gotten over the recent war and their morale is very low. Romualdo is sad but, not wanting to snub King Hadrian, promises to return right after the celebration is over.Orymos leaves feeling dejected and the Black Witch finds the opportunity to rekindle the hatred between the two kingdoms. Thus, Darken defeats Fantaghiro and she takes revenge against her old fiancé, Reinaldo, in the person of his descendent, Romualdo.The Drakes hurl fire down on Dana and with the fire arrives the Horseman of Hate. In the midst of the reigning confusion and fury, the people of Dana accuse Tuan of the aggression. Darken takes advantage of the pain felt by Orymos and casts a spell on him that gives Orymos great powers. A large army of bewitched soldiers and shadow creatures marches toward Tuan. Romualdo arrives too late to avoid the confr
Princesses Caroline and Catherine are resting in the meadow one day when suddenly everything around them starts to shake and large holes appear in the ground that swallow up everything that was there before. The entire land starts to fall in when the husbands of the princesses, accompanied by Fantaghiro and Romualdo, arrive and save them in the nick of time. Not only is it happening in the countryside but, with apparently no explanation, all of Tuan is being dug out from underground,.Nearby, they discover a huge hole that seems to lead to an underground location, and Fantaghiro and Romualdo go down into it.Underground, two tribes that live in the subterranean world–the Little Moles and the Little Earthworms–are fighting each other full force. Some of them dig hurriedly but without watching where they throw the debris. Others gobble up all the debris but don’t have any manners and go around burping all day. Their combined activity of filling the forest full of holes has endangered the L
In the peaceful settlement of Another World, the children Masala and Ezel talk about a parallel world found on the other side of their reflection. Suddenly, a black cloud looms over the horizon, the wind blows furiously and the children are attacked by fish and seaweed. The magician Aia saves them and takes them to her cave by going through a magical mirror.Using the mirror they see Pirate Noname’s ship arriving in the midst of a terrible whirlwind. Noname steals the souls of the people and changes them into ghosts. Now he’s looking for the last two remaining children from Another World, Ezel and Masala.The inhabitants of Another World are peace loving, so they must look for someone to defend them. The magical mirror pulls Fantaghiro into it. She arrives accompanied by Mother Goose and Magical Stone and they set out together in search of Noname.Thanks to the help of the Plant of Desires, Romualdo and Golden Mane appear alongside the Princess right when she is about to be attacked by a
Prince Taher, from the faraway kingdom of Ben-Bekar, visits the fortress of Tuan. He is accompanied by an urn, dully kept under custody, that contains a powerful genie of evil. Princess Caroline’s curiosity causes the urn to shatter allowing the genie to escape. The genie departs for Black Mountain, in the desert of Sallet, taking with him Fantaghiro’s two sisters.Romualdo, Ivaldo and Cataldo, together with the Plant of Desires, hurry to rescue Caroline and Catherine. In order to travel to the distant mountain, they use a flying carpet that Prince Taher brought King Hadrian as a gift. Fantaghiro, incapable of waiting any longer in the fortress of Tuan, also departs in search of her sisters. She’s accompanied on the adventure by Mother Goose, the Magical Stone and the Holy Beast, upon whose back the group travels. However, a sandstorm will interfere along their way.Meanwhile, Romualdo and his group are taken prisoners and are ready to be executed. Their desire to rescue the two sisters
Raken, the most powerful wizard ever to live upon the face of the Earth, sends the Horseman of the Plague to crush Fantaghiro’s kingdom with his power, sending all the inhabitants into an eternal sleep.Only Fantaghiro stays awake, watching in desperation how the Horseman of the Plague kidnaps Romualdo. Fantaghiro enters the castle and faces whom she believes to be responsible for all that has happened. It is a battle between the shadows of magic and the dexterity of the princess with her weapons. The unknown one turns out to be Tarabas, a young wizard who has fallen in love with our heroine and an old acquaintance of hers. Fantaghiro and Tarabas decide to join forces. So they take the Magical Stone with them and are guided through a swarm of beetles until they reach Raken’s underground kingdom.The mother of Tarabas, the witch Xelexia, who with her magic observes the journey her son is making, suspects that Romualdo’s kidnapping is only an excuse for Tarabas to succumb to the power of R
A terrible storm beats against the Magical Forest of Oread. Raken the wizard has defeated Fantaghiro by transforming her into a statue that will sleep for all eternity.The White Fairy gathers together all the animals from the Forest and asks for a sacrifice so Fantaghiro can be saved. Each of them must offer a few drops of life so that, between them all, they can gather the amount needed to “awaken” Fantaghiro. The animals accept and the White Fairy chooses some brave swallows to take the drops of life to Fantaghiro.The swallows enter Raken’s underground kingdom like arrows and fight against the wizard at the same time that they “awaken” Fantaghiro and Tarabas with the drops of life.Raken is enraged and once again offers Tarabas the opportunity of joining forces with him and conquering the world. Tarabas refuses and son and father face each other in a fight to the death. When Tarabas is about to defeat Raken, Xelexia appears and asks her son to forgive Raken, since he is Tarabas’ fathe
Caroline takes her sisters Catherine and Fantaghiro to the market. There, a blind magician named Lenox amazes the public by creating very realistic looking shadow figures. When Fantaghiro calls him an illusionist, Lenox becomes offended and, with the help of his magic walking stick, causes dreams that seem very real to come upon those present. All this frightens poor Caroline and gives Fantaghiro a strange feeling.That night, Lenox, in conspiracy with the Black Witch, induces in Fantaghiro a dream about the Holy Beast and the Cemetery of Dragons. When she awakes she is all set to go to the Cemetery right away, for which she must go to Lenox and ask for his help. Romualdo begs her not to let herself be carried away by her imagination. They have a big argument and the brilliance of Fantaghiro’s pendant starts to wave.Fantaghiro presents herself alone before Lenox and he causes her to dream about the Cemetery of Dragons. Golden Mane, who has watched all that has taken place, gallops to th
High up on Ice Mountain rises an impressive palace made from icicles. Inside the palace, trapped in a frozen pool and guarded by the evil Ice Man, grow some beautiful water lilies, the symbol of eternal love. Fantaghiro knows about the story from her father, King Hadrian, who had always wanted but was never able to give one of those beautiful flowers to the late Queen Alba. Fantaghiro’s love for her father and the yearning for her mother, lead the heroic princess to depart, accompanied by Romualdo, Magical Stone and Mother Goose, in search of the mysterious water lilies.In order to reach their destination, they will have to cross the perilous Aran River and its frozen rapids, go through a storm of ice and freezing wind and get away from a water nymph that has a curious hobby. All along, the ice nymphs don’t stop being coquettish with Romualdo. The group must go through all this before they reach the water lilies and discover the mysterious voice that has guided Fantaghiro all along the
A monster that lives in the forest is frightening Fantaghiro’s subjects. The princess, accompanied by Romualdo, goes to fight the monster and discovers that it is a mechanical contraption. Inside it is Ali Husuff, a clumsy and funny magician who has a black cat.Ali tells them he is fleeing from the Black Witch and from Isuf, the Magician of Damascus, who want him to reveal the place in which The Book of a Thousand Spells is hidden.Ali reveals a secret to Romualdo and Fantaghiro. The black cat (that doesn’t stop purring as Romualdo pets it) is actually Scheherazade, the storyteller who has been enchanted by Isuf for having refused to tell him where the book is hidden. Fantaghiro becomes very jealous because of the “affection” that the cat shows toward Romualdo.Isuf, in complicity with the Black Witch, attacks the seagull balloon with his Harppies, causing the contraption to rip open and fall into a deep pit. Ali takes his friends to a cave where a fabulous treasure is piled up beside a
Romualdo proposes to Hadrian, king of Tuan, that a big celebration for peace be held in which all the weapons of both kingdoms will be destroyed. The news is received with great satisfaction in all corners of the kingdom. Only Daniel Hammer, the ironsmith of Tuan, receives the news with anger because it means the end of his work.Out of desperation, Hammer makes a pact with the diabolical Darken that will enable him to save his weapons from being destroyed and to fight against the person who wants them destroyed: young Romualdo. Darken gives Hammer special powers and brings to life his most highly esteemed weapons, which are thus transformed into an improvised army of dangerous living objects.Romualdo confesses to Fantaghiro the excitement with which he awaits that instant when all of the weapons in the kingdom will finally disappear. From the day he saw his father die as the result of a battle injury, Romualdo experiences terrible nightmares in which he is chased by all types of weapon
One cold night in Tuan, Darken transforms an impoverished sculptor into Skalter, a vindictive artist of evil. The following morning, one of his creations –a winged horse– kidnaps princess Fantaghiro as she tries to get rid of some mischievous gogs. Romualdo her beloved chases her all the way to Tuan. Magical Stone stays behind when, on the celebration of her grandfather’s happy-crack day, she discovers an adorable rock and her two cousins Rocky and Gravel.From the sky, Fantaghiró manages to control the horse thanks to a sticky gog, while lower down, Romualdo faces a stone dragon that has invaded Tuan. Romualdo ingeniously defeats the dragon... with the fortunate help of Ivaldo and Cataldo. The princess makes a forced landing on her castle. She has recognized Skalter’s hand on the sculptures and goes in search of a “weapon” with which to defeat him.In Tuan, Magical Stone and her rocky family destroy the sculptures that threaten the town and the very king of Dana. They then go up to Skal
Tree World, a gigantic place inhabited by peaceful human-sized insects, receives a visit from the Black Witch and her Diviners, Cucufrac and Recaredo. The insects live beneath the tree roots, on the legendary stones of tacorice that in former times were what gave dragons their strength and that will make whoever possesses them the most powerful being in the world. Since their wizardry cannot harm the magical tree, the diviners will give the termites a concoction that will cause them to devour the tree to its very roots.The diviners fumble in making the concoction and the peaceful ants are transformed into ferocious lion termites that raze and devour everything in their path. In the midst of the general mayhem, Vinson the juggler cicada remembers the old song that tells about the princess of Tuan being one who speaks with dragons and who will save Tree World. Arigato, the kamikaze ant, departs in search of the princess.Fantaghiró is very bored and putting up with a picnic with her sis
Pryderi, the alchemist, is desperate because his beloved has been sick for a long time and is being consumed and getting closer to her death with each passing day. The young man dedicates himself to searching for the essence of life in order to save her. By chance he wakes up the Drago, the last remaining holy tree, causing it to come out of its underground hiding place where its protector, the Holy Beast, kept it hidden from people. The sap of the Drago can cure any sickness and Pryderi departs toward the Forest of Oread, where the tree is growing, to steal its essence.Fantaghiró receives a golden leaf that has broken off the Drago. As she chases the leaf, she and her friends find the holy tree. The White Fairy explains to them that they must protect it. If it is destroyed, good and love will disappear from the face of the earth forever. The princess decides to intervene.Nevertheless, Darken decides to intervene sooner and empowers Pryderi to control the spirits of the four elements h
The elves compete against each other to find the most beautiful flower in the forest. Whoever does so can marry the princess of the elves. But Bramblebush Elf cheats and is the only one to bring the flower to the princess. However, she rejects the flower due to his thorny heart. Darken sees a unique opportunity to destroy the forest and transforms the elf into Spino who now has the power to send out roots throughout the forest and shoot out bushes that will destroy the sap of the trees. Fortunately, the timid Weeping Willow Elf witnesses this change and asks Fantaghiro and Romualdo for help.The princess departs, riding on the back of Silurus in search of the White Fairy. Romualdo flies on leaf-airplanes to the Queen’s Clearing. There, the elves have been rooted down. And what’s worse, Recaredo and Cucufrac, following Darken’s orders, have started to burn the forest. They have trapped the princess of the elves and show her off like an exhibit. In a spectacular aerial duel, the king of D
Everyone in Tuan is excited about the wedding of Fantaghiro and Romualdo that is about to be held. The cooks are making huge cakes, the soldiers are rehearsing with their trumpets and drums...Hadrian gives Fantaghiro his most treasured jewel: the Red Diamond. As he does so, he tells her about the amazing and mysterious way in which it reached him. Fantaghiro is “spellbound” by the jewel’s beauty and senses that it conceals many secrets.That same night, the Red Diamond “irradiates” its powers and Dahak, the Witch of the Four Arms awakens in her den, overcome by an evil joy. For centuries she has unsuccessfully tried to take possession of the Red Diamond. This time she is unwilling to fail. Dahak departs for Fantaghiro’s Castle accompanied by his hilarious and cruel servants Earthy, Liquid and Flames.Once there, Earthy bricks up the doors and windows while Dahak, accompanied by Liquid, reaches Fantaghiro’s bedroom and threatens the princess if she does not hand over the diamond. Fantaghi
Darken contrives his most terrible plan to destroy Fantaghiro for good. He sets a trap to draw the princess to his own kingdom, Volcano, accompanied by the White Fairy. This way the fairy will not pose an obstacle for the Black Witch and will leave the Forest of Oread unprotected, ready to be invaded by Darken’s fiery serpents.Unaware of the danger they are about to face, a few days before their marriage Fantaghiro and Romualdo receive a visit from the White Fairy. She nervously explains to them that she has felt the presence of the Aurum and that they must hurry and find it. Remembering her past, she tells them how she first knew the presence of the Aurum, many years earlier. It was a powerful books of spells with which her former teacher had become so mighty and evil that he turned into Darken. If she could recover the book, they would be capable of stopping this evil one.They thus travel to Volcano where they are defeated, after which the forest is destroyed and the kingdoms of Dana
The kingdoms of Dana and Tuan have fought a cruel war for more than four hundred years and no one remembers any more what started it. No one in either kingdom knows that, many years ago, Princess Kyra of Tuan, rejected by her fiancé, the Prince of Dana, made a pact with Darken, the Lord of Evil, to steal the Kuorum, that represented love and peace between people, from the Holy Beast, the last remaining dragon in the world.In the magical Forest of Oread, the White Fairy, who still remembers the sad story, waits impatiently for the fulfillment of the prophecy in which, one night, four stars would line up on the firmament forming the letter F. This would be the initial of the princess whose destiny would be to defeat the representatives of evil on earth and return peace and love to humankind.In the Castle of Tuan, to the displeasure of her father who impatiently awaits a male heir, princess Fantaghiro, the third daughter of King Hadrian, is born. At this moment, the stars come together in

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