In the tenebrous circle of menhirs, in the Cursed Valley, cruel Xelexia invokes Darken, the supreme lord of Evil. The stars Thyatiris, Sarou, Vesmir and Heidel announce a prophecy: the destruction of the powerful wizard Tarabas, son of Xelexia, is near at hand and will seek Fantaghiro’s hand.In the underworld of the Cursed Valley, Xelexia brings her stone warriors to life and commands them to kill Fantaghiro. But Tarabas wants Fantaghiro alive because he is curious to know how a weak mortal can destroy him. Fantaghiro and Romualdo destroy the warriors with water. At the last moment, one warrior drags Romualdo to the river, transforming the river and the fish in it into stone statues.The elves rescue Romualdo’s body. He can only be saved by a kiss given to the one inflicting such a tragedy: Tarabas. Shattered with pain, Fantaghiro makes a challenge: to force the wizard to pay for the evil he has caused and to bring Romualdo back to life.Fantaghiro goes to the Cursed Valley. Before enter