While Fantaghiro enjoys watching the clouds one clear day in the Forest of Oread with her inseparable mascots, and while Romualdo, Ivaldo and Cataldo participate in an archery championship in the kingdom of Dana, the Black Witch wakes up the terrible Black Cloud and hurls it towards Tuan to destroy the kingdom completely.The Black Cloud crosses the forest destroying everything in its path. To the amazement of Princess Fantaghiro, it finally swallows the fortress of Tuan, making it disappear completely.Riding on the back of the Holy Beast, and accompanied by Mother Goose, our heroine tries to prevent the Black Cloud from reaching Dana, directing it towards the Mountains of the Eternal Eclipse, the only place where it can be defeated.Meanwhile, concerned about the fate of Fantaghiro and the other inhabitants of Tuan, Romualdo, Cataldo and Ivaldo try to reach this kingdom. But the Black Cloud has sown chaos and destruction all around, blocking their way. A little Bug shows them that the