One stormy night, a mysterious bird with huge wings and gleaming greenish eyes crashes against the battlement of the fortress of Tuan, threatening to demolish it onto the rest of the castle. Romualdo and his companions manage to lower it to the ground. It turns out to be a strange balloon sent by the Black Witch to destroy Fantaghiro. Once Romualdo, King Hadrian and Princess Fantaghiro are in the basket, Carrion cuts loose the ropes that restrain the flying artifact. The opportune intervention of Golden Mane enables our heroine to get out of the balloon before it rises. However, King Hadrian, Romualdo and accidentally Mother Goose, travel through the air toward an unknown destination.Riding Golden Mane, Fantaghiro follows the balloon on the ground all the way to the sea where she loses sight of it. The White Fairy encourages her to go after it. The stars will guide her. The princess boards a mysterious ship manned by a no less mysterious crew and sets out to sea. Once under sail, Fanta