A big celebration is being held at the Castle of Tuan when General Orymos arrives and asks his King Romualdo to return to Dana as soon as possible. The people have not yet gotten over the recent war and their morale is very low. Romualdo is sad but, not wanting to snub King Hadrian, promises to return right after the celebration is over.Orymos leaves feeling dejected and the Black Witch finds the opportunity to rekindle the hatred between the two kingdoms. Thus, Darken defeats Fantaghiro and she takes revenge against her old fiancé, Reinaldo, in the person of his descendent, Romualdo.The Drakes hurl fire down on Dana and with the fire arrives the Horseman of Hate. In the midst of the reigning confusion and fury, the people of Dana accuse Tuan of the aggression. Darken takes advantage of the pain felt by Orymos and casts a spell on him that gives Orymos great powers. A large army of bewitched soldiers and shadow creatures marches toward Tuan. Romualdo arrives too late to avoid the confr