Princesses Caroline and Catherine are resting in the meadow one day when suddenly everything around them starts to shake and large holes appear in the ground that swallow up everything that was there before. The entire land starts to fall in when the husbands of the princesses, accompanied by Fantaghiro and Romualdo, arrive and save them in the nick of time. Not only is it happening in the countryside but, with apparently no explanation, all of Tuan is being dug out from underground,.Nearby, they discover a huge hole that seems to lead to an underground location, and Fantaghiro and Romualdo go down into it.Underground, two tribes that live in the subterranean world–the Little Moles and the Little Earthworms–are fighting each other full force. Some of them dig hurriedly but without watching where they throw the debris. Others gobble up all the debris but don’t have any manners and go around burping all day. Their combined activity of filling the forest full of holes has endangered the L