A terrible storm beats against the Magical Forest of Oread. Raken the wizard has defeated Fantaghiro by transforming her into a statue that will sleep for all eternity.The White Fairy gathers together all the animals from the Forest and asks for a sacrifice so Fantaghiro can be saved. Each of them must offer a few drops of life so that, between them all, they can gather the amount needed to “awaken” Fantaghiro. The animals accept and the White Fairy chooses some brave swallows to take the drops of life to Fantaghiro.The swallows enter Raken’s underground kingdom like arrows and fight against the wizard at the same time that they “awaken” Fantaghiro and Tarabas with the drops of life.Raken is enraged and once again offers Tarabas the opportunity of joining forces with him and conquering the world. Tarabas refuses and son and father face each other in a fight to the death. When Tarabas is about to defeat Raken, Xelexia appears and asks her son to forgive Raken, since he is Tarabas’ fathe