Raken, the most powerful wizard ever to live upon the face of the Earth, sends the Horseman of the Plague to crush Fantaghiro’s kingdom with his power, sending all the inhabitants into an eternal sleep.Only Fantaghiro stays awake, watching in desperation how the Horseman of the Plague kidnaps Romualdo. Fantaghiro enters the castle and faces whom she believes to be responsible for all that has happened. It is a battle between the shadows of magic and the dexterity of the princess with her weapons. The unknown one turns out to be Tarabas, a young wizard who has fallen in love with our heroine and an old acquaintance of hers. Fantaghiro and Tarabas decide to join forces. So they take the Magical Stone with them and are guided through a swarm of beetles until they reach Raken’s underground kingdom.The mother of Tarabas, the witch Xelexia, who with her magic observes the journey her son is making, suspects that Romualdo’s kidnapping is only an excuse for Tarabas to succumb to the power of R