Prince Taher, from the faraway kingdom of Ben-Bekar, visits the fortress of Tuan. He is accompanied by an urn, dully kept under custody, that contains a powerful genie of evil. Princess Caroline’s curiosity causes the urn to shatter allowing the genie to escape. The genie departs for Black Mountain, in the desert of Sallet, taking with him Fantaghiro’s two sisters.Romualdo, Ivaldo and Cataldo, together with the Plant of Desires, hurry to rescue Caroline and Catherine. In order to travel to the distant mountain, they use a flying carpet that Prince Taher brought King Hadrian as a gift. Fantaghiro, incapable of waiting any longer in the fortress of Tuan, also departs in search of her sisters. She’s accompanied on the adventure by Mother Goose, the Magical Stone and the Holy Beast, upon whose back the group travels. However, a sandstorm will interfere along their way.Meanwhile, Romualdo and his group are taken prisoners and are ready to be executed. Their desire to rescue the two sisters