High up on Ice Mountain rises an impressive palace made from icicles. Inside the palace, trapped in a frozen pool and guarded by the evil Ice Man, grow some beautiful water lilies, the symbol of eternal love. Fantaghiro knows about the story from her father, King Hadrian, who had always wanted but was never able to give one of those beautiful flowers to the late Queen Alba. Fantaghiro’s love for her father and the yearning for her mother, lead the heroic princess to depart, accompanied by Romualdo, Magical Stone and Mother Goose, in search of the mysterious water lilies.In order to reach their destination, they will have to cross the perilous Aran River and its frozen rapids, go through a storm of ice and freezing wind and get away from a water nymph that has a curious hobby. All along, the ice nymphs don’t stop being coquettish with Romualdo. The group must go through all this before they reach the water lilies and discover the mysterious voice that has guided Fantaghiro all along the