Fantaghiro dreams she is being chased by a mysterious character and that, at the last moment, she cannot avoid falling over a precipice. When she wakes up, all she remembers is a voice that continually repeats that she must look for the eyes she has seen in the dream.In the throne room, the princes that her father has preselected as husbands for her have arrived. Nonetheless, Fantaghiro rejects the one to whom she has been promised, arrogant Prince Enar, and runs away from the palace.Meanwhile, Romualdo attends the wake of his father, King of Dana, who was killed on the battlefield. Saddened by what war has done to his father, Romualdo makes the decision to go to Tuan in search of peace.In the forest, Fantaghiro meets Mother Goose, Magical Stone and the White Fairy. The latter tells Fantaghiro about the destiny she must fulfill. The fairy suddenly disappears and Fantaghiro sees before her the same eyes she saw in her dream. They are Romualdo’s eyes. However, the princess will run away