The kingdoms of Dana and Tuan have fought a cruel war for more than four hundred years and no one remembers any more what started it. No one in either kingdom knows that, many years ago, Princess Kyra of Tuan, rejected by her fiancé, the Prince of Dana, made a pact with Darken, the Lord of Evil, to steal the Kuorum, that represented love and peace between people, from the Holy Beast, the last remaining dragon in the world.In the magical Forest of Oread, the White Fairy, who still remembers the sad story, waits impatiently for the fulfillment of the prophecy in which, one night, four stars would line up on the firmament forming the letter F. This would be the initial of the princess whose destiny would be to defeat the representatives of evil on earth and return peace and love to humankind.In the Castle of Tuan, to the displeasure of her father who impatiently awaits a male heir, princess Fantaghiro, the third daughter of King Hadrian, is born. At this moment, the stars come together in