Darken contrives his most terrible plan to destroy Fantaghiro for good. He sets a trap to draw the princess to his own kingdom, Volcano, accompanied by the White Fairy. This way the fairy will not pose an obstacle for the Black Witch and will leave the Forest of Oread unprotected, ready to be invaded by Darken’s fiery serpents.Unaware of the danger they are about to face, a few days before their marriage Fantaghiro and Romualdo receive a visit from the White Fairy. She nervously explains to them that she has felt the presence of the Aurum and that they must hurry and find it. Remembering her past, she tells them how she first knew the presence of the Aurum, many years earlier. It was a powerful books of spells with which her former teacher had become so mighty and evil that he turned into Darken. If she could recover the book, they would be capable of stopping this evil one.They thus travel to Volcano where they are defeated, after which the forest is destroyed and the kingdoms of Dana