One cold night in Tuan, Darken transforms an impoverished sculptor into Skalter, a vindictive artist of evil. The following morning, one of his creations –a winged horse– kidnaps princess Fantaghiro as she tries to get rid of some mischievous gogs. Romualdo her beloved chases her all the way to Tuan. Magical Stone stays behind when, on the celebration of her grandfather’s happy-crack day, she discovers an adorable rock and her two cousins Rocky and Gravel.From the sky, Fantaghiró manages to control the horse thanks to a sticky gog, while lower down, Romualdo faces a stone dragon that has invaded Tuan. Romualdo ingeniously defeats the dragon... with the fortunate help of Ivaldo and Cataldo. The princess makes a forced landing on her castle. She has recognized Skalter’s hand on the sculptures and goes in search of a “weapon” with which to defeat him.In Tuan, Magical Stone and her rocky family destroy the sculptures that threaten the town and the very king of Dana. They then go up to Skal