Tree World, a gigantic place inhabited by peaceful human-sized insects, receives a visit from the Black Witch and her Diviners, Cucufrac and Recaredo. The insects live beneath the tree roots, on the legendary stones of tacorice that in former times were what gave dragons their strength and that will make whoever possesses them the most powerful being in the world. Since their wizardry cannot harm the magical tree, the diviners will give the termites a concoction that will cause them to devour the tree to its very roots.The diviners fumble in making the concoction and the peaceful ants are transformed into ferocious lion termites that raze and devour everything in their path. In the midst of the general mayhem, Vinson the juggler cicada remembers the old song that tells about the princess of Tuan being one who speaks with dragons and who will save Tree World. Arigato, the kamikaze ant, departs in search of the princess.Fantaghiró is very bored and putting up with a picnic with her sis