Pryderi, the alchemist, is desperate because his beloved has been sick for a long time and is being consumed and getting closer to her death with each passing day. The young man dedicates himself to searching for the essence of life in order to save her. By chance he wakes up the Drago, the last remaining holy tree, causing it to come out of its underground hiding place where its protector, the Holy Beast, kept it hidden from people. The sap of the Drago can cure any sickness and Pryderi departs toward the Forest of Oread, where the tree is growing, to steal its essence.Fantaghiró receives a golden leaf that has broken off the Drago. As she chases the leaf, she and her friends find the holy tree. The White Fairy explains to them that they must protect it. If it is destroyed, good and love will disappear from the face of the earth forever. The princess decides to intervene.Nevertheless, Darken decides to intervene sooner and empowers Pryderi to control the spirits of the four elements h