The elves compete against each other to find the most beautiful flower in the forest. Whoever does so can marry the princess of the elves. But Bramblebush Elf cheats and is the only one to bring the flower to the princess. However, she rejects the flower due to his thorny heart. Darken sees a unique opportunity to destroy the forest and transforms the elf into Spino who now has the power to send out roots throughout the forest and shoot out bushes that will destroy the sap of the trees. Fortunately, the timid Weeping Willow Elf witnesses this change and asks Fantaghiro and Romualdo for help.The princess departs, riding on the back of Silurus in search of the White Fairy. Romualdo flies on leaf-airplanes to the Queen’s Clearing. There, the elves have been rooted down. And what’s worse, Recaredo and Cucufrac, following Darken’s orders, have started to burn the forest. They have trapped the princess of the elves and show her off like an exhibit. In a spectacular aerial duel, the king of D