País: España
Idioma: Español
Contenido: Infantil

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Bernard will try and understand how to use a bow and arrow. He will be very surprised indeed upon seeing that Eva is a true specialist in this sport.
Bernard thinks he’s a master at karate and doubts that Eva has really won several competitions. So they have to square off to see who’s the best.
Bernard thinks that paddle tennis is the same as tennis, but he is very wrong. To learn this sport he will have to follow Eva´s advice.
Bernard works as a newspaper reporter covering the Olympic Games. He will try to get the first interview with the athletes by any means he possible can.
Bernard doesn’t feel like going outside; He’d prefer to stay in and watch television. But Zack is going to try and convince him to practice race walking with him.
Bernard, Eva and Zack will compete in an exciting car race that won’t be decided until the very last meters.
Bernard and Lloyd play a game of chess but they’re not exactly sure about the way the pieces are supposed to be moved on the board.
Eva will try to teach Bernard a different sport but Bernard is not too excited about it and will do things his way instead of following Eva´s instructions.
Bernard doesn’t want to be a substitue player on the basketball team, because he wants to play the big tournament final. But to do so, he’ll have to practice really hard.
Zack will invite Bernard to play soccer but things will get complicated and they will have to improvise a solution in order to be able to keep on playing.
Bernard will try every trick in the book to try and beat Lloyd at the different events of the triathlon.
Bernard must follow Zack’s advice when competing in the high jump but he will discover that agility is not his strong point.
Bernard will spend the day on horseback. He will have to be very careful with the instructions he gives to the horse if he doesn’t want to have an accident.
It’s Bernard’s first day as a TV cameraman and he will try and film the rhythmic gymnastic’s competition, in which Eva is the star.
Bernard wants to be first across the finish line whatever it takes… but his anxious desire to win will betray him.
Bernard and Zack have to train if they want to become good rugby players -- or at least not end up injured.
Bernard visits the new Olympic Stadium with the intention of training in order to be able to compete in a sprint.
Bernard and Eva discover that snowboarding is an exciting sport but it can be very dangerous if you don’t follow the signs on the runs.
Bernard is not very happy with being the ball boy, and he gets very bored when the match between Lloyd and Zack goes on much longer than expected.
Bernard and Lloyd play hockey for the first time but aren’t too sure how to correctly use the equipment.
Bernard cheers for his team from the stands and even shouts at them to train hard with the intention of helping them.
Bernard and Zack have been shipwrecked on a desert island. The only thing they can think of to do until they get rescued is to play beach volleyball.
Bernard will find out how complicated it is to become a good motorcycle mechanic, and he’ll have to demonstrate his dexterity and ability while rapidly shifting gears.
Bernard and Zack are volunteers working at the Olympic Stadium. Their competitive spirt will make them treat every task as if it were a big final.
Bernard observes in awe as Eva practices artistic gymnastics, and he thinks he is able to do it, too.

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