A poacher is tracking a young doe and her fawn in the Forest of Oread. When he’s about to catch her, the opportune appearance of King Hadrian and Herbert frustrates his plans. King Hadrian and Herbert cause the poacher to run away, oblivious that they themselves are the prey of other dangerous hunters: Drakonian and his Drakes.In the Palace of Tuan, unaware of the drama taking place in the Forest of Oread, Fantaghiro takes the solemn oath never to take up arms again, an oath that is blessed by a spell made by the White Fairy. This act is accompanied by the wedding announcements of Caroline and Cataldo and of Catherine and Ivaldo. The happy occasion is interrupted, however, with the arrival of Herbert who announces that King Hadrian has been captured by the Drakes.In spite of the protests of the brave princess, Romualdo, accompanied by Cataldo and Ivaldo, leaves without Fantaghiro to rescue the king. The poacher who faced King Hadrian, driven by hatred and rancor, has made an agreement