Iron Kid

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Gaff, Guardian of the Eon Family and protector of the Fist, is on the run from hired assassin Black Beauty and her team of Robot Ninjas. He narrowly escapes her attack and dumps a wooden box into a cave in the Prohibited Zone, an area controlled by Duke von Rhymer, President of the Iron Tower. The box contains the Fist of Eon. Marty and Buttons enter the Zone later and find a young girl on the run from the Iron Tower security guards. Marty tries to help her escape, but an explosion sends the trio crashing into a deep cave. As Marty and Ally tentatively get to know each other, Buttons looks around for a way out, and stumbles upon the Fist. Eager to impress Ally, Marty attaches the Fist to his arm. The device overwhelms him and sends a brilliant beam of energy through the roof of the cave. For the security guards, it is a beacon locating their prey, but to Black Beauty and Gaff, it means much more – it means the Fist of Eon has been reactivated after a century of hibernation.
While Marty, Ally and Buttons try to remove the Fist from Marty’s arm, the Bollybots, a trio of incompetent nomadic thieves, see them and plot to steal the Fist. The Fist activates, sending Marty flying into a boulder which the Bollybots are using for cover, and disrupts their plans. Charlie hears all the noise and comes out of his trailer. The sight of the Fist brings back haunting memories for Charlie, who ten years ago was a trusted steward of the Eon family. Marty’s real father was trapped by an army of robot ninjas, and moments before his final battle, he gave Charlie the baby Marty to raise as his own. Ten years later, Marty still knows nothing of his true parentage, and Charlie remains faithful to the Eon family. The next morning Marty and Buttons wake to find Ally missing and immediately set off to look for her, leaving Charlie asleep. When they finally catch up with her, she tells them that she feels guilty about dragging them into her problems and prefers to go on alon
Marty, Ally and Buttons take the injured Charlie back to his trailer. Although he thinks Marty is still too young, Charlie is afraid this may be his last chance and gives Marty a sacred family key. He urges him to cross the Great Desert and meets Gaff at the other side, since more fearsome foes than Von Rhymer’s Maxes will soon arrive in search of the children. Marty is confused by the instructions, but reluctantly agrees. As the three unlikely adventurers leave the camper, Ally tells Marty that she escaped from the Iron Tower because her stepfather Von Rhymer is in the process of reconstructing the Gigantor, a deadly weapon dating back to the Robot Wars 100 years ago, with the help of Dr. Chen. Rhymer is outraged to learn that Ally’s programming knowledge is necessary for the final stages of the reconstruction and puts out a ‘WANTED’ poster for Marty and Ally, promising a large reward. Just to be sure, Rhymer also contacts Steeljaw Jack, the most feared bounty hunter in the Great
Rhymer secretly meets Steeljaw Jack, the notorious killer robot, in the Iron Tower. Steeljaw Jack demands an exorbitant bounty for hunting down Marty and Ally, and Von Rhymer has no option but to agree. Meanwhile, ex-boxing champion George hides Marty and Ally from the frequent roadside checkpoints and the attentions of a gang of Desert Bikers, and offers to take them in his truck all the way across the Great Desert. The scheming Jimmy, trying to get in on the reward offered by Von Rhymer, follows at a distance. At a rest stop George gives Marty some boxing training, and Jimmy sees his chance. He sends Machine Number 5, a fearsome robot fitted with an illegal engine, on to the attack. Marty freezes with fear, and despite a noble struggle, George is thrown to the ground like a rag doll.
A battered but proud George leads Marty, Ally and Buttons through the Great Desert as the Gang of Desert Bikers follow their trail. They drive day and night without a break, but eventually decide to camp at the ruins of an old mine. The bikers encircle the campsite and lay siege. Too slow to elude the bikers, George’s truck is almost overwhelmed by the baseball-bat wielding thugs. Marty, Ally and Buttons do everything they can to help George fend them off as they hurtle towards a sheer precipice. Gaff has been observing Marty’s journey all along, and confident in Marty’s capacity to handle the situation, leaves for the Eon Family’s secret training complex. There he will reactivate the dormant power of the Fist of Eon.
After escaping from the bikers, Marty and his friends lose consciousness in a dense orange fog and are captured by the Orange Brothers gang headed by Orange Mama. Marty, Ally and Buttons wake up in an underground prison in Orange Valley. The furious Marty attempts an escape. His Fist activates, and Marty lays waste to their prison cell. Orange Mama, who had been planning to hand over her captives to Rhymer for the reward, is sufficiently impressed by the boy’s powers to suggest that he enter her Orange Valley Wrestling Tournament, which attracts huge crowds from the whole area. Marty unwillingly becomes the first human challenger in the no-holds-barred world of Robot Pit Fighting. Meanwhile, the Central Defense Force of the Federal Government (CDF) learns the whereabouts of notorious criminal Steeljaw Jack, and chief Gibson dispatches the Storm Squadron made up of Aces, robots which transform into fighter planes. The Storm Squadron encounters Steeljaw Jack and engages in battle.
Marty is thrown into the first round of the Orange Valley Grand Wrestling Tournament. At first he refuses to fight, running away from his opponent, kickboxer Sampack, which angers the rowdy crowd. However, to everyone’s surprise, the stress of his situation activates the Fist, transforming him into ‘Marty the Iron Kid’. Jenny, Orange Mama’s 4-year old granddaughter, visits Ally and Buttons in the dungeon where they have been imprisoned. She enjoys playing with Buttons, but playing with small children is Buttons’ worst nightmare. Ally knows that if they befriend Jenny, they may obtain information useful for their escape. Back at the CDF, Gibson receives intelligence indicating that Scar is back in action. Scar was one of the General’s legendary robot-warriors during the Robot Wars one hundred years ago.
Marty wakes up after the fight to find that the armoured suit which was part of his ‘Iron Kid’ transformation is now a fixture. In the meantime, Orange Mama discovers the true story of the boy’s iron Fist. Later, Marty and an impatient crowd await his semi-final match. Suddenly, the leader of the Bikers’ Gang, a menacing Sumo wrestler called Tua, stomps into the ring and throws a badly damaged robot at Marty’s feet. Marty realizes the smoldering hunk of metal twitching and sparking in front of him was to have been his next opponent. Tua demands a match with Marty, and Orange Mama, always the consummate businesswoman, is impressed enough by the Sumo wrestler’s intensity to let the fight go ahead. The crowd goes crazy. Ally and Buttons continue to obtain information from Jenny.
From his solitary cell, Marty nervously awaits the final fight against the current champion, Tony. The arena is pulsating with thousands of fans who can’t wait for their encounter to begin. Shortly before the fight, Jenny visits Marty and confirms that the robot guards always leave their posts to watch the show. Marty decides that is the moment for him and his friends to make their escape. After surviving electrical attacks from Sparks, and the attentions of a gang of Odds, Marty races through the maze-like corridors of Orange Mama’s compound in search of Ally and Buttons. Upstairs Tony makes his grand entrance and showboats as he waits for his young opponent. Orange Mama grows increasingly suspicious and orders her men to search the compound for Marty. Following the directions given by Jenny, Marty and his two friends make their escape but, just before the last door, a wrong turn leads them into the boiler room — and a dead end. The second of the Orange Brothers approaches: it i
Marty, Ally and Buttons walk exhausted into a huge warehouse, at the end of which Ally knows there is a way out of Orange Mama’s underground compound. But the third of the Orange Brothers, Styx, has followed them. His signature weapon is a razor-sharp hockey stick. When they eventually sneak out, they are dismayed to find Orange Mama waiting for them outside, with a full squadron of robot guards ready to arrest them. Then Tony appears. He is enraged by the interruption of his Grand Final, and demands that he and Marty fight right there to settle things once and for all. Jenny, Orange Mama’s granddaughter, runs in to protest because her new ‘friends’ are leaving. The angry Tony puts Jenny’s life in danger.
After celebrating their escape from Orange Valley, Marty and his friends once again set off across the Great Desert. But Steeljaw Jack, the bounty hunter hired by Von Rhymer, has been tracking them, and decides to make his move. Marty is no match for the centuries of experience the villain has accumulated, but Gaff arrives and the two legendary warriors engage in a duel. While Gaff protects Marty, Jack grabs Ally and escapes with her. Marty is distraught beyond words and is angry with Gaff for not preventing Ally’s capture. Gaff introduces himself to Marty as the ancient protector of the Eon family. From him, Marty will learn the secret of his real identity as the only remaining scion of Eon. His destiny is inextricably tied to his family’s history, and he is the only hope of defeating the resurgent General.
At Gaff’s request, and although he would prefer to go to the rescue of Ally, Marty agrees to undertake special training in martial arts at the ancestral home of the Eon family. Back in the Iron Tower, Von Rhymer is eager to resume the reactivation of the Gigantor, the terrible weapon from the past that he has been secretly rebuilding. Now that Ally has been captured, her programming skills can be used to decode the ancient language that controls this enormous robot. However, Ally refuses to cooperate.
After successfully passing through the chambers guarded by the Woodenmen, the final stage of Marty’s training begins - he must confront the Giant Woodenman. Outside, Scar and Black Beauty, sent by Dr. Chen, are determined to prevent Marty from fulfilling his destiny, and attack the training facility. Gaff fights to hold them off as long as he can. The CDF imaging satellites observe the battle from afar, and Gibson dispatches Captain Magnum to help. Back at Iron Tower, scientists working for Von Rhymer build a machine to temporarily delete Ally’s recent memories. They believe this will enable Ally to return to her original state of mind before discovering the truth about the Gigantor, so that she will no longer refuse to cooperate in its reactivation.
After completing his training, Marty insists he must go straight to the Iron Tower to rescue Ally. Gaff is sympathetic, but tells Marty he does not have the time; they must set to work immediately to defeat the General and his men. Grand Master Zhang comes out of the training center and intercedes on Marty’s behalf. Marty runs towards the Iron Tower and suddenly begins to leap through the air at an incredible pace. He is caught off guard at first. It is a skill known as the Flying Steps, one of many skills Grand Master Zhang has endowed him with. Von Rhymer and his team begin the ignition of the Gigantor, thereby setting off an earth-rumbling start-up sequence that will last for days. His new assistant Violet, who is really an undercover CDF agent, reports back to Gibson.
Inside the Iron Tower, Marty races up the complex and heavily protected elevator system to Von Rhymer’s penthouse office, fighting off Maxes and MegaMaxes -Iron Tower’s security guards- along the way. Meanwhile Ally inadvertently causes the towering body of the Gigantor to rise up out of an enormous cavity in the desert. Gibson dispatches the Ace Squadron to try and stop it, but to no avail. Von Rhymer learns that Dr. Chen, whom he considered a colleague, is in fact planning to eliminate him with the help of Steeljaw Jack, so that he can put the Gigantor at the disposal of the reborn General. When Steeljaw Jack is confronted by Marty, Von Rhymer is able to get away from him, but CDF agents have now entered the Tower with instructions to arrest Von Rhymer for conspiring illegally to revive the Gigantor war machine.
Ally is now safe. Violet, Marty and the CDF forces have managed to arrest Von Rhymer and overpower his accomplices. The Tower is now under the control of the CDF, but a new and unexpected enemy catches them off guard. Realizing that Iron Tower’s defenses are still far from complete, Kahn, the General’s second in command, takes the opportunity to seize the Tower, with help from his army of flying Wyverns. Marty decides to resist Kahn and prepares for a fight. Captain Magnum and Gaff join in the fray, but Kahn’s telekinetic force is too powerful for all of them, and they need a great deal of luck to escape from the Tower unharmed. In the meantime, the CDF forces have no choice but to retreat.
The General’s forces are now in control of the Tower, which they consider to be the best location for launching a new attack on the human race. Khan settles into Von Rhymer’s old office while the CDF prepares for war. Gibson and his commanders discuss strategies for capturing Khan and re-taking the Iron Tower. Gaff insists that Marty offers their best chance, but while Gibson is impressed by Marty’s courage, he is not inclined to rely on old legends to win a war. Furthermore, Kahn’s telekinetic attack has been much too powerful for the boy. The convalescent Marty’s nightmares are not only inside his head… Scar is nearby. The date for reviving the General grows ever closer. Ally, an expert in programming as well as in the technology which has been employed to rebuild the Gigantor, becomes a priceless CDF ‘agent in training’, under Violet’s guidance.
Gibson and the CDF agents find a dazed Marty in the corridor. They are astonished by the fact that this small boy has single-handedly defeated the mighty Scar. For her part, Ally is helping CDF agents plan their attack on the Iron Tower with her knowledge of secret passages and rooms. Gibson finally identifies Dr Chen as the scientist who has been collaborating with Rhymer on the reconstruction of the Gigantor. Despite Ally’s attempts to help, Marty loses control of the Fist. It no longer obeys his instructions, and destroys everything in its path. Buttons tries to talk some sense into Marty, but the Fist even attacks him.
On Marty’s way back to the Eon family training centre, Black Beauty’s Ninjas follow him closely, looking for an opportunity to ambush the boy. As he picks up the pace, Marty senses there is another presence following him… a mysterious ‘shadow’ who fights off the Ninjas. At the family training centre, Grand Master Zhang presents Marty with a scroll written by Eon himself. The scroll instructs Marty to visit the glacial wastes of the North and find Eon’s final training ground – the Temple of the Iron Soul. But there is scarcely time for explanations, as Marty must leave the training centre at once. Grand Master Zhang and the Woodenmen take on Lightning, one of the ‘Four Lords of Invincibility’, a group of powerful warlords exiled after the Robot Wars, but now recruited again by Kahn to serve the General.
On their way to the Mystic Glacier, Shadow joins the two travellers and enjoys the innocent company of Marty and Buttons. After travelling for several freezing days through snow and ice, they find the Temple of the Iron Soul surrounded by White Monks, a strange tribe that worships Eiger, a giant robot frozen inside a block of ice for the past 100 years. Meanwhile, Khan learns that Dr. Chen is not only reanimating the General, but is also reconstructing the deadly Gigantor. Ally and the CDF know for certain that Dr. Chen has everything he needs to reactivate this weapon. With Ally’s help, the CDF obtains from Von Rhymer the coordinates of the facility where the General is being reconstructed. Gibson orders a massive attack, which is countered by the Armoured Cavalry, an army of robot centaurs designed to protect the General back in the days of the ancient Robot Wars.
Inside the Temple, Marty uses the key that Charlie gave him to open a massive door. A holographic image of Eon tells him the secret of this training ground. Eon expected the General could be reconstructed at some point in the future, and prepared for this event by sealing his chi within the cave, so that his descendants could use it to counter this threat. Once the battle begins, the CDF army is no match for the power of the Armoured Cavalry. The remaining forces regroup, but it is too late. Suddenly, the sunlight disappears behind a dark cloud. The Earth trembles. The General is reborn amidst a swirling electrical storm caused by the most powerful telekinetic force field ever.
Marty leaves the Temple after absorbing Eon’s chi and senses the force of the reanimated General. He knows he must return immediately to the Iron Tower, but Eiger blocks his path. After 100 years of hibernation, the General’s telekinetic force field has brought Eiger back to life. The White Monks believe their god is going to speak to them at last, but Marty knows the truth is somewhat different… While Ally studies all information she can gather about the Gigantor, the CDF regroups its entire forces and unsuccessfully lays siege to the General. The General finally enters the Tower. Kahn, who has been against reactivating the Gigantor, fails to dissuade the General from using this dishonourable weapon.
On his way back to the CDF, Marty finds that Shadow and Magnum are under attack from the Four Lords of Invincibility, and have little hope of escape. The bonds of comradeship between Marty and the two CDF agents strengthen. By the time Marty arrives at the CDF headquarters and is reunited with Ally, the CDF is fully engaged in battle. Numerous fighter squadrons, including the CDF mother ship, fly around the Tower’s airspace, while their land forces assemble at the foot of the Tower, led by countless armoured vehicles. But before they can begin their attack, the General orders Dr Chen to activate the Gigantor and take over its controls, which he is pleased to do. The Gigantor comes back to life with a noise like thunder, forcing the CDF forces to retreat hurriedly. At this moment the General’s second-in-command, Kahn, suddenly appears… and places himself in front of the giant weapon!
Marty, Gaff and Shadow battle against the General’s Armoured Cavalry at the entrance to the Tower. Their aim is to open a breach in the Centaur formation so that Marty can get inside. In the Great Desert, Orange Mama assembles an army of volunteers to help the CDF stop the Gigantor. Gibson dispatches another secret weapon, the White Eagle, but it too fails in its bid to bring down the giant. Ally is convinced the only way of stopping the Gigantor is to get inside it. She studies the blueprints to find a way through the giant robot’s impenetrable defences. But many members of the CDF do not share her view.
Marty eventually succeeds in forcing a way through the Armoured Cavalry’s defences, but once inside the Tower, he runs into the remaining Three Lords of Invincibility - Wind, Cloud and Lightning - who are determined to prevent him from reaching the top floor. Meanwhile, Ally, Buttons, Captain Magnum and Violet thread their way through a fierce artillery barrage to reach the external shell of the Gigantor. To help Ally get inside the Gigantor, Violet uses her sonic weapon as a shield, while Ally and Buttons identify a possible entrance to the interior of the Giant – a missile launching tube! It means they have only seconds to pass through the launch tube before another missile is fired, and once inside the giant, they have to quickly find their way through a maze of passages to reach its core unit.

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