Marty wakes up after the fight to find that the armoured suit which was part of his ‘Iron Kid’ transformation is now a fixture. In the meantime, Orange Mama discovers the true story of the boy’s iron Fist. Later, Marty and an impatient crowd await his semi-final match. Suddenly, the leader of the Bikers’ Gang, a menacing Sumo wrestler called Tua, stomps into the ring and throws a badly damaged robot at Marty’s feet. Marty realizes the smoldering hunk of metal twitching and sparking in front of him was to have been his next opponent. Tua demands a match with Marty, and Orange Mama, always the consummate businesswoman, is impressed enough by the Sumo wrestler’s intensity to let the fight go ahead. The crowd goes crazy. Ally and Buttons continue to obtain information from Jenny.