From his solitary cell, Marty nervously awaits the final fight against the current champion, Tony. The arena is pulsating with thousands of fans who can’t wait for their encounter to begin. Shortly before the fight, Jenny visits Marty and confirms that the robot guards always leave their posts to watch the show. Marty decides that is the moment for him and his friends to make their escape. After surviving electrical attacks from Sparks, and the attentions of a gang of Odds, Marty races through the maze-like corridors of Orange Mama’s compound in search of Ally and Buttons. Upstairs Tony makes his grand entrance and showboats as he waits for his young opponent. Orange Mama grows increasingly suspicious and orders her men to search the compound for Marty. Following the directions given by Jenny, Marty and his two friends make their escape but, just before the last door, a wrong turn leads them into the boiler room — and a dead end. The second of the Orange Brothers approaches: it i