The General’s forces are now in control of the Tower, which they consider to be the best location for launching a new attack on the human race. Khan settles into Von Rhymer’s old office while the CDF prepares for war. Gibson and his commanders discuss strategies for capturing Khan and re-taking the Iron Tower. Gaff insists that Marty offers their best chance, but while Gibson is impressed by Marty’s courage, he is not inclined to rely on old legends to win a war. Furthermore, Kahn’s telekinetic attack has been much too powerful for the boy. The convalescent Marty’s nightmares are not only inside his head… Scar is nearby. The date for reviving the General grows ever closer. Ally, an expert in programming as well as in the technology which has been employed to rebuild the Gigantor, becomes a priceless CDF ‘agent in training’, under Violet’s guidance.