On their way to the Mystic Glacier, Shadow joins the two travellers and enjoys the innocent company of Marty and Buttons. After travelling for several freezing days through snow and ice, they find the Temple of the Iron Soul surrounded by White Monks, a strange tribe that worships Eiger, a giant robot frozen inside a block of ice for the past 100 years. Meanwhile, Khan learns that Dr. Chen is not only reanimating the General, but is also reconstructing the deadly Gigantor. Ally and the CDF know for certain that Dr. Chen has everything he needs to reactivate this weapon. With Ally’s help, the CDF obtains from Von Rhymer the coordinates of the facility where the General is being reconstructed. Gibson orders a massive attack, which is countered by the Armoured Cavalry, an army of robot centaurs designed to protect the General back in the days of the ancient Robot Wars.