On Marty’s way back to the Eon family training centre, Black Beauty’s Ninjas follow him closely, looking for an opportunity to ambush the boy. As he picks up the pace, Marty senses there is another presence following him… a mysterious ‘shadow’ who fights off the Ninjas. At the family training centre, Grand Master Zhang presents Marty with a scroll written by Eon himself. The scroll instructs Marty to visit the glacial wastes of the North and find Eon’s final training ground – the Temple of the Iron Soul. But there is scarcely time for explanations, as Marty must leave the training centre at once. Grand Master Zhang and the Woodenmen take on Lightning, one of the ‘Four Lords of Invincibility’, a group of powerful warlords exiled after the Robot Wars, but now recruited again by Kahn to serve the General.