Marty, Ally and Buttons take the injured Charlie back to his trailer. Although he thinks Marty is still too young, Charlie is afraid this may be his last chance and gives Marty a sacred family key. He urges him to cross the Great Desert and meets Gaff at the other side, since more fearsome foes than Von Rhymer’s Maxes will soon arrive in search of the children. Marty is confused by the instructions, but reluctantly agrees. As the three unlikely adventurers leave the camper, Ally tells Marty that she escaped from the Iron Tower because her stepfather Von Rhymer is in the process of reconstructing the Gigantor, a deadly weapon dating back to the Robot Wars 100 years ago, with the help of Dr. Chen. Rhymer is outraged to learn that Ally’s programming knowledge is necessary for the final stages of the reconstruction and puts out a ‘WANTED’ poster for Marty and Ally, promising a large reward. Just to be sure, Rhymer also contacts Steeljaw Jack, the most feared bounty hunter in the Great