While Marty, Ally and Buttons try to remove the Fist from Marty’s arm, the Bollybots, a trio of incompetent nomadic thieves, see them and plot to steal the Fist. The Fist activates, sending Marty flying into a boulder which the Bollybots are using for cover, and disrupts their plans. Charlie hears all the noise and comes out of his trailer. The sight of the Fist brings back haunting memories for Charlie, who ten years ago was a trusted steward of the Eon family. Marty’s real father was trapped by an army of robot ninjas, and moments before his final battle, he gave Charlie the baby Marty to raise as his own. Ten years later, Marty still knows nothing of his true parentage, and Charlie remains faithful to the Eon family. The next morning Marty and Buttons wake to find Ally missing and immediately set off to look for her, leaving Charlie asleep. When they finally catch up with her, she tells them that she feels guilty about dragging them into her problems and prefers to go on alon