Gaff, Guardian of the Eon Family and protector of the Fist, is on the run from hired assassin Black Beauty and her team of Robot Ninjas. He narrowly escapes her attack and dumps a wooden box into a cave in the Prohibited Zone, an area controlled by Duke von Rhymer, President of the Iron Tower. The box contains the Fist of Eon. Marty and Buttons enter the Zone later and find a young girl on the run from the Iron Tower security guards. Marty tries to help her escape, but an explosion sends the trio crashing into a deep cave. As Marty and Ally tentatively get to know each other, Buttons looks around for a way out, and stumbles upon the Fist. Eager to impress Ally, Marty attaches the Fist to his arm. The device overwhelms him and sends a brilliant beam of energy through the roof of the cave. For the security guards, it is a beacon locating their prey, but to Black Beauty and Gaff, it means much more – it means the Fist of Eon has been reactivated after a century of hibernation.