On his way back to the CDF, Marty finds that Shadow and Magnum are under attack from the Four Lords of Invincibility, and have little hope of escape. The bonds of comradeship between Marty and the two CDF agents strengthen. By the time Marty arrives at the CDF headquarters and is reunited with Ally, the CDF is fully engaged in battle. Numerous fighter squadrons, including the CDF mother ship, fly around the Tower’s airspace, while their land forces assemble at the foot of the Tower, led by countless armoured vehicles. But before they can begin their attack, the General orders Dr Chen to activate the Gigantor and take over its controls, which he is pleased to do. The Gigantor comes back to life with a noise like thunder, forcing the CDF forces to retreat hurriedly. At this moment the General’s second-in-command, Kahn, suddenly appears… and places himself in front of the giant weapon!