After celebrating their escape from Orange Valley, Marty and his friends once again set off across the Great Desert. But Steeljaw Jack, the bounty hunter hired by Von Rhymer, has been tracking them, and decides to make his move. Marty is no match for the centuries of experience the villain has accumulated, but Gaff arrives and the two legendary warriors engage in a duel. While Gaff protects Marty, Jack grabs Ally and escapes with her. Marty is distraught beyond words and is angry with Gaff for not preventing Ally’s capture. Gaff introduces himself to Marty as the ancient protector of the Eon family. From him, Marty will learn the secret of his real identity as the only remaining scion of Eon. His destiny is inextricably tied to his family’s history, and he is the only hope of defeating the resurgent General.