After escaping from the bikers, Marty and his friends lose consciousness in a dense orange fog and are captured by the Orange Brothers gang headed by Orange Mama. Marty, Ally and Buttons wake up in an underground prison in Orange Valley. The furious Marty attempts an escape. His Fist activates, and Marty lays waste to their prison cell. Orange Mama, who had been planning to hand over her captives to Rhymer for the reward, is sufficiently impressed by the boy’s powers to suggest that he enter her Orange Valley Wrestling Tournament, which attracts huge crowds from the whole area. Marty unwillingly becomes the first human challenger in the no-holds-barred world of Robot Pit Fighting. Meanwhile, the Central Defense Force of the Federal Government (CDF) learns the whereabouts of notorious criminal Steeljaw Jack, and chief Gibson dispatches the Storm Squadron made up of Aces, robots which transform into fighter planes. The Storm Squadron encounters Steeljaw Jack and engages in battle.