Inside the Iron Tower, Marty races up the complex and heavily protected elevator system to Von Rhymer’s penthouse office, fighting off Maxes and MegaMaxes -Iron Tower’s security guards- along the way. Meanwhile Ally inadvertently causes the towering body of the Gigantor to rise up out of an enormous cavity in the desert. Gibson dispatches the Ace Squadron to try and stop it, but to no avail. Von Rhymer learns that Dr. Chen, whom he considered a colleague, is in fact planning to eliminate him with the help of Steeljaw Jack, so that he can put the Gigantor at the disposal of the reborn General. When Steeljaw Jack is confronted by Marty, Von Rhymer is able to get away from him, but CDF agents have now entered the Tower with instructions to arrest Von Rhymer for conspiring illegally to revive the Gigantor war machine.