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Can you imagine the twins changing a baby’s diapers, feeing him or bathing him? Well now you don’t have to imagine it: Zip and Zap are practicing with Tina, Invi’s little sister, in order to “vaccinate” themselves against the imminent arrival of their own little brother or sister. Yes, there is going to be a third little Zlipper running around the house! Everything starts when Houshoe and Gracie stop paying attention to Zip and Zap and start talking about “someone” who will be arriving after a “nine-month” wait. That is exactly what happened to Invi before his little sister arrived. After that, nothing was ever the same and he became the invisible boy we all know today. But the twins refuse to let the same thing happen to them, even if their new little brother or sister is a real cutie. Will they be able to put a stop to the curse, or will they let the intruder take over their role as kings of the household?
Tomorrow is the Final Exam of the year, and the twins haven’t studied. Zip and Zap have a nightmare about “Flunk-o-Rama”, a Zombie cab driver, and his back-up group, the Back Street Bones, a group of rapping skeletons who live in the rear view mirror and who threaten to drag them off to “Failed State: Skinless City”, a place inhabited by skeletons where they suck up the guts of kids who copy and fail their exams. The twins and their friends know exactly what they have to do – “whatever it takes” to not fall into the hands of Flunk-o-Rama, and “whatever it takes” happens to be to copy the test using a varied and ingenious system of cheat sheets. But Noggin and Evilina snatch Zip and Zap’s copy system out from under their noses. Will they be able to get their cheat sheet system back before Flunk-o-Rama gets them? Will you dare to take a cab ride alone again?
What do you expect – full genetic mutation, elephant legs always popping out for constantly fibbing… In the end, a mysterious collector sees Evilina and orders her helper Caroline, a sinister doll with a terrible temper, to kidnap Evilina and bring her to her mansion with the rest of strange and unusual animals and objects. It is the first time that Noggin asks for Zip and Zap’s help to rescue his creepy-crawly friend. The twins, in exchange for an A+ that Noggin will help them get, agree to give him a hand. Once inside the Mansion, the twins and their friends flip out with the strangely unique objects this odd collector has: Smellsgood toilet collection,, rolls of water-proof toilet paper… Get ready to see Zip and Zap on this rescue mission like you’ve never seen them before… and things they never should have rescued…
Who could ever imagine? Nasty ‘ole Pewey’s parents are refined aristocrats! When they come to see their son, after several years of being away on business, they see that he has become a troglodyte, so they decide to take him to the upscale “Hilton College” boarding school. But only true gentlemen are admitted there, and poor Pewey leaves much to be desired. But Zip and Zap know he can do it, so they make a bet with Evilina that they will be capable of turning Pewey into a gentleman by accepting a triple challenge: teaching him how to speak, to bathe and to dress like a top model. Will the twins be able to turn Cinderella into a prince, or will beauty and glamour get the best of them?
The twins are about to win the soccer championships, but their best player blows them off. Wanda doesn’t want to play during her free time, and she’s also abandoned her most faithful friend, Captain Jimmy. Evilina is not the best replacement on the field, so the boys have to act quick to find out who or what is keeping Wanda away. Zip and Zap discover that Wanda has the best electronic doll of all times – Kenny Boss! Can the twins convince Wanda that Kenny Boss is no good and to come back and play on their team? Or will they have to put up with Evilina on the field?
This is impossible! After months and months of searching, they finally got it. Zip and Zap have the trading card which is the key to getting the Super Virtual Mega Helmet! So they go to the shopping mall to celebrate, where all of a sudden some little two-foot-tall squirt who was hiding behind a bucket of popcorn snatches it from them. Now we’re really in a mess! And on top of it all, the little midget’s babysitter is… you guessed it – Evilina! Around and around the shopping mall, from the movie theater to the pizza parlor, everyone is running after him to get the trading card back. How come the twins always have such rotten luck?
Shh, silence… they’re right behind you, although you can’t see them. They’re mooonsters, and they’re coming to eat you! Who invited them to dig their teeth in? Well Invi, of course, who stepped on a crack three times, and you know what happens to a kid who does that: he opens the gateway to the terrible and hidden world of fear, letting out all the monsters that live under the bed, creepy-crawlies that hide in sandwiches, phantasmagorical creatures that are completely out of your control… The twins have to find a way to send them back to where they came from. But where? On the Internet, of course. But bad ole’ Evilina has signed a secret pact with the monsters behind Zip and Zap’s backs. Will they be able to stop the monsters before it’s too late?
The monster invasion continues: A no-headed beast with knives and a terrible ballerina – who’s sick of doing pirouettes in her music box – are dying to eat Wanda and Invi. Zip and Zap, who now know how to send the freaks back to their world, come to their friends’ rescue. But at the last minute, they’ll have to go up against two unexpected enemies: the treacherous Evilina and Professor Minervo, who you can never argue with because he always thinks he’s right… Will they be able to send the monsters back to their world so they’ll stop quit being such a pain in the neck?
Lice have invaded school… and the Zlipper brothers’ heads. Gracie gives them shock treatment in an extended bath session with Buggykill shampoo and warns them that if she finds another louse, they’ll have to get their heads shaved! Zip and Zap are sure that it’s all the girls’ fault for having long hair, and swear to steer clear of them, but Evilina and Wanda are not willing to take the blame for the other guys’ lice, so for the first time they band together for The Lice Wars! Or, better said, the Battle of the Sexes! Will the boys win? How long will Wanda and Evilina’s “partnership” last?
Oh no! Evilina’s pet, a giant boa constrictor, has gobbled up Zip and Zap's hamsters that they took to Science class. The one time they had a pet! But destiny, in the shape of a fat, furry dog, runs into them at the shopping mall. Without thinking twice, the twins rescue the pup from the hands of a psychopathic old lady and take it home with them… knowing that they’re going to get it from their parents! Houshoe’s and Gracie’s “Noooo!” can be heard as far as China, but then a miracle occurs: the dog is so charming that the Zlippers fall at his feet. But not Zip and Zap, who know something is up with the dog’s shameless sucking up. And their hunch is right, because under the coat of their furry friend hides… Quickhands Jr.!
Evilina suffers a tremendous nervous breakdown when she finds out that Zip and Zap have accidentally become famous. It is so bad that it gives her nightmares. Meanwhile, Zip and Zap are thrilled with their fame – so much that Invi, Pewey and Wanda want to be famous too. So the twins decide to help them and talk them into recording a video. But Evilina won’t stand for it. If anyone deserves to be a star, it’s her! And she’ll do everything she can to spoil their plan. Will Invi, Pewey and Wanda become stars? Is it all just one of Evilina’s nightmares? And the most important question of all: is being famous really that great after all?
On this joyful Christmas day, sing Fum, fum, fum! Fum, fum my eye! Because it turns out that Santa didn’t bring the twins what they had asked for. So they climb right up his beard and ask for an explanation. But the old, bearded fellow has a good excuse: a girl with braces kidnapped him and the three kings and made them give her all their toys. Fortunately, Santa was able to escape, but he only had time to buy a couple of presents at the dime store. Convinced by this testimony, Zip and Zap prepare to put their heads in the lion’s mouth, or rather, in Evilina’s mouth, to take back what is rightfully theirs. How can they do it without her finding out it’s them? Easy – by dressing up as Drag Queens, with wigs, miniskirts, heels and sequins. Who wouldn’t open the door for such stunning gift bearers? And once there, will they be able to accomplish their mission without breaking a nail? Will they be found out if their mascara runs? You will soon find out in Zip and Zap’s most glamorous episo
I pwotetht, yow honow, I pwotetht, yow honow, and I pwotetht again! Evilina just loves to complain and spoil things for everyone, especially if she gets to accuse Zip and Zap before a judge for their latest bit of mischief. It was an accident and what about the mushrooms, and the fertilizer… What if poor Prof.. Minervo ends up a bachelor for the rest of his life – that’d be no good! We were only thinking about what would be best for him! And then there was this pesky fly… This is no way to hold a trial! I pwotetht, youw honow!
It’s a bird…. It’s a plane… No, it’s the Superkids! No, we haven’t mixed up our cartoons, here – in this episode, the twins and their pals are given amazing superpowers. So Zip becomes Supermouse – we’re talking computer mouse – Zap is Mega Soccer Man, the armored soccer player, Invi turns into Gummy, the chewing gum boy, and Evilina becomes… Black and White Girl! What? You think that’s a crummy power? Well she thinks so too, so she decides to make color disappear from the face of the earth to get her revenge. Fortunately, the Superkids are there to stop her. Now you know… if you’re in trouble, all you have to do is give them a holler….
Straight to the basement with no supper! And Zip and Zap had better not complain, because they’ve pulled the worst prank ever: they set Prof. Minervo’s moustache on fire. But was it really them? Well, while they try and expose the true culprit, they have to play babysitter to an apprentice monster. How? By traveling to Other-Side City, where they will become Fundi’s trainers, teaching him how to scare Evilina. But, is Evilina scareable? Why exactly does she think she’s more heinous than the most malicious monster?
Something has appeared in the boys’ lockers. Don’t wake up the most da-dangerous of the kni-knights of old, the terrible Sir Toi! The twins and their friends will pay dearly for this mistake: exam time will stretch out like already-been-chewed gum, Gracie won’t let them get out of the tub… all of the worst moments will go on for an eternity, and the best ones are over in the blink of an eye. The twins and their pals have to do something. Will Zip and Zap be able to put Sir Toi back to sleep, or will they be doomed to live forever trapped between Prof. Minervo’s endless exams and Gracie’s soapy sponges?
Shhhh, it’s a secret! This afternoon a shipment of the coolest pens in the world will be arriving at school and, since everything gets found out eventually, the kids plan on swiping them. But crafty Prof. Minervo decides to name Zip and Zap “Pen sheriffs”, and guarantee the safety of the writing implements by putting the boys’ grades on the line. As they follow their teacher into his office, they get a bump on the head which sends them to dreamland and a fabulous adventure in the Wild West. Now they are Sheriffs Zip the Kid and BillyZap, who sidle on up to the cabaret where Evi sue and Wandi Jo are performing, and they have a mission to accomplish: defend the pens that will be arriving that afternoon on Pewey McHara and Crazy Bull’s stagecoach. But the bandit Johnny Noggin has no intention of letting such precious cargo fall into the hands of the Zlipper Sheriffs, and tries to heist them. Will the Zlipper Sheriffs manage to defend the shipment?
The Zlipper family honor is at stake! The valuable Wheresthefire Sapphire has fallen into the hands of Zip and Zap when they were visiting a museum. Finally they have enough money to buy the Super Mega Disco Helmet! But their father, Houshoe, is relentless: they have to return to its rightful owner. So the twins decide to do what their father says – mostly. They’ll take it back, but only after they’ve sold a couple of insignificant flakes so they and their friends can go all out. But there are others who are just as interested, because Quickhands Jr. knows that the precious stone is at the Zlipper residence, and he’ll do all he can to get his hands on it. Will the twins give the gem back to its rightful owner? Will they knock themselves out with it? Or will the Wheresthefire Sapphire be snatched away?
Tomorrow is Annual Parents’ Night at school, and Zip and Zap are afraid they’ll be the laughing stock of the class when they see what fuddy-duddy parents they have: Houshoe sticks to his guns with his unending flight from electronic gadgets that will fry your brains, and Gracie has spent all day preparing croquettes for her boys, “who don’t eat a bite”. The twins make a wish: “We wish we had different parents”. Just then, Evilina appears as a Spirit and takes them on an amazing journey where they will see what their lives would be like if they had Wanda’s or Noggin’s folks. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t? Stick around and find out… if you dare…
“Someone”, and I won’t say that it was the stars of our show so no one can say that I’m a tattle-tale, dropped a beach refreshment stand down the toilet, completely wrecking the pipes. So until everything is fixed, Prof.. Minervo has no choice but to send Zip, Zap and Evilina to the Royal Poshification School, the preppiest in the world, where they meet posh kids like Moe Thanyu, a boy who has everything and more than you, and Lord Sire, who Evilina falls hopelessly in love with. The twins are forced to go up against these “perfect” classmates and their “perfect” ways, which may end up being their toughest battle ever. Definitely a super-duper episode…I swear by the coverage of my cell phone… I mean, totally….
Plan: Enter the Hairy-Scary Forest. Objective: Get the A+ in Science that Prof. Minervo promised to the best project. Weapons: a digital video camera and a lot of nerve… because according to legend, the soul of the evil Blech cockroach inhabits the forest, stalking children to turn them into donuts and fish sticks. Will Zip and Zap be able to face this obstacle together? No way, José, because Prof. Minervo splits the class in two and separates the twins. So each of them will enter the forest with their pals to go up against such enchanted – yet not at all enchanting – creatures as Charles, the giant praying mantis, and Moskito Bloodsucker, an RH positive professional. And in the middle of this heart stopping adventure, someone sequesters the twins! Was it the Blech cockroach, planning to fry them up right? Or is he planning on eating them raw….
“Now go wash up, comb your hair and clean up your room… and snap to it or the Big Bad Monster’ll come after you!”. “Don’t wanna!” shout Zip and Zap. That’s the hot response of the week amongst all the kids who watch the latest hit TV show, The Don’t Wanna Clown. The host is a diabolically sassy weirdo all the kids love to imitate. And that’s how the battle between Zand Z and Gracie Zlipper, who is aided by the Stinkysox Monster, the Jasmine-scented Soap Monster, the Super-whitening Toothpaste Monster, etc. begins. In the end, the twins discover that disobeying Mom is much more dangerous than the adventures of Don’t Wanna Clown. And if you’re the kind that doesn’t obey YOUR mother, watch this adventure and think it over good before your sass gets you a spanking on the….
You really shouldn’t play soccer next to an abandoned lot that constantly has terrible shrieks coming from it and that everyone tells horrible stories about, because in the end, the inevitable will happen: the ball will go over the fence and you’ll have to go look for it. Zip and Zap organize a courageous rescue mission, while Evilina and Noggin get ready to play a horrific joke on them. The twins come across Hype and Way Out, a couple of high-risk sports maniacs that practice in the empty lot. Their spectacular skills are just the ticket to recover the lost ball. What none of them knows is that a mysterious someone is observing them from the bushes. What? You want to know more? Well you know what you have to do… watch the episode!
Who sabotaged the school restrooms? Whoever it was, they got what they wanted, because Zip and Zap can’t get in and they are practically peeing their pants… and in the end, they do – in class, and in front of Noggin and Evilina! To make up for their tarnished reputations, what better than to discover their enemies’ dark side, even if it is by sheer luck. First, the secret of the Poshfashion Girl prize that Evilina is always bragging about, and then Noggin’s “deepest, darkest” feelings for her. What is Evilina’s secret? What are these feelings Noggin has? We promise that it’ll be big! You’ll have to see it to believe it!
And Romeo and Juliet will be played by… Zip and Wanda! Well there you have it: Zip and his grumbling tummy have been given the most impossible of all missions: Play the lover in a Shakespeare play in front of the whole school. With the logical fear of kissing Wanda and becoming the laughing stock of his friends on his mind, the twins go in search of a practice kiss… and in the strangest of places. But their problems don’t end there, because Evilina and Noggin… who else?... have decided that if there has to be a Romeo and Juliet in their class, it should be them. Who will win the contest? Will someone get kissed? Whoever it is, we’ll find out why kids always say… Love – yuck!

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