Shhhh, it’s a secret! This afternoon a shipment of the coolest pens in the world will be arriving at school and, since everything gets found out eventually, the kids plan on swiping them. But crafty Prof. Minervo decides to name Zip and Zap “Pen sheriffs”, and guarantee the safety of the writing implements by putting the boys’ grades on the line. As they follow their teacher into his office, they get a bump on the head which sends them to dreamland and a fabulous adventure in the Wild West. Now they are Sheriffs Zip the Kid and BillyZap, who sidle on up to the cabaret where Evi sue and Wandi Jo are performing, and they have a mission to accomplish: defend the pens that will be arriving that afternoon on Pewey McHara and Crazy Bull’s stagecoach. But the bandit Johnny Noggin has no intention of letting such precious cargo fall into the hands of the Zlipper Sheriffs, and tries to heist them. Will the Zlipper Sheriffs manage to defend the shipment?